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  1. The main issue is whether the gamer really understand and acknowledge the story. No doubt, if the story is something to learn from, that will impact on gamers mind. But ultimately it depends upon the gamer how he implement his learnings in real life.
  2. Yup, even I too am not ordering anything before Actually knowing how practically good the game is. Hopefully, since the reviews/speculations are coming good, the game is expected to be good one.
  3. Well, for that we need to wait for the game to be released. Hopefully they will provide better games. At least I am expecting some positive outcome, as they already created lots of mess.
  4. Yeah, I agree with you. First we will need to embrace gaming and try to learn positive things. As you have said, I come across many such people who don't really care what's the deep story in the game, they just keep on playing for the sole purpose of completing it, that's all.
  5. Correct words. Money is power now a days. Since shareholders will do everything to manipulate things, they have lots of cash to spend on for that motive. IGN and other gaming forums are easily manipulated with some money and fake users.
  6. The previous games of EA, were having some bug issues. That's why might be he is commenting on that. I too think, if they are going to revive the game, they should first work on their bugs and launch a flawless game for a good gaming experience.
  7. Yeah, but I remember only 12 at this moment. Remember this one? 😊
  8. I have seen many people buy such expensive things for streaming purposes. That is justifiable also, afterall they will need extra monitors to interact with their viewers while playing game.
  9. What about MSFS2? If you like simulator games, I am sure you will like this one too. It's more satisfying than Euro truck simulator, I must say. 😊
  10. Till now I had no issues for dust going inside my keyboard or gamepad and causing delay in response to the clicks. I had that problem in my earlier apartment, where I had to clean the accessories on a daily basis.
  11. Not jumping actually, I am poor at changing gears on NFS games. In the beginning, it was quite tough for me to learn that, but now I am quite an expert. 😊
  12. Well, if it's the same model then it won't take me more than an hour to learn the keys. But if the model is another one and the key patterns are different it may take a whole day for me. 😊
  13. I will choose any open world game from GTA or RDR2. The games environments and surroundings are so widely crafted, that it will take me a long time to explore each and everything. We simply complete missions and go for the next mission, but there's a hell lot of things to explore here. 😊
  14. I guess you forgot TLOU2. For me, it is the best among all in respect of melee fighting. I am not that fan of melee fights, but the close combat gameplay is really awesome here. 😊
  15. Here's another one from NFS heat. P.S. picture is not mine. I had the similar pic captured which I think I deleted mistakenly. πŸ˜…
  16. I think you know something about developing a game, right? Normally a gamer doesn't know what volumetric light means. Well, I don't find anything kinda annoying yet. Some games uses higher contrast to make the game more real like, and those games do have high volumetric lightings.
  17. Yeah, that may be a good option. Are there any games like this? I think hardly any are there. But yeah, I get your point. If the outcome of the story is something positive, then that will help the players to learn something positive from there.
  18. It is understandable. Creating the environment for an open world game is not an easy job. Rockstar is trying to make as much money as possible by giving those small upgrades, I am sure the fanboys won't let even a single update go in vain. Talking about GTA 6, I am quite sure they are not going release it untill 2025.
  19. Yup. There were some hardcore fans of this anime series. But the game Pokemon go was contrary to that. You need to roam around and collect the creatures. It was initially banned in our country as it was Hazardous to kids.
  20. I am pretty sure they will atleast fix the bugs in the latest one. Though, I am not expecting something huge from them, but atleast this will be far better than their other recent games.
  21. There are almost 12 songs available. But this one is my favourite. Another is I'm rock, but I can't find that one on YouTube.
  22. I don't know how much EA has to offer for the revival of the game, but I am sure there is a much share of those fanboys to create the hype. I am too looking forward to the game, but not expecting anything extra ordinary. 😊
  23. Haha. Might be. They are not that fool afterall to spend that much amount for such set up. I just expressed my point of view, to have a large single screen for my gaming. 😊
  24. Haha. 😁 I wish I could aim at some of my office staff's head with that sniper. Lol. πŸ˜† When I am hell tired, It gives me satisfaction though, to have some headshots before going to sleep. πŸ˜†
  25. Yeah, my room is not that exposed to dust so weekly cleaning is enough for me. Though, I do that meticulously, so that even small dust particles are also cleaned and eliminated. πŸ˜†
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