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  1. I vote for Skyrim as well! The attention to details these designers are able to capture and create is ASTOUNDING! Graphics is one thing but I think the thing that REALLY rounds out the entire experience aside from the storyline is the music. Skyrim I believe is one of those games that's considered timeless and can be enjoyed and appreciated for generations.
  2. I know that I probably look ridiculous playing this game but I enjoy it SO MUCH! Whenever I am feeling too unmotivated to work out I just pop this bad boy in and I am sweating after about 15 minutes! When I first looked into this game I thought that was crazy that so many people would rate it 5 stars. I jumped on it when it went on sale for $70. Is it worth it? I say absolutely, yes!!! Does anyone else like to play this Switch game?
  3. With the little bit that I play I sometimes I just try my luck at getting a cheap 7 day pass from an eBay seller. It's hard for me to justify the $60 12 month Gold Membership but I know back in the day when I had more free time to spare that was a no brainer. Do you subscribe to Xbox Live? If so, which do you normally purchase?
  4. I think the design looks cool but I'm curious if it's designed to keep the console cooler than its predecessors temperature-wise. I don't have PS5 or know of anyone personally who has one. It's probably a good thing that store cannot seem to keep these consoles in stock because I probably would have already spent the $500. Best Buy makes it so easy to do too with their no interest financing! lol I think I'm more interested in the slim version that they will probably release at some point. Do you own a PS5? Any insight to the cooling situation? What do you think about the overall external design of the PS5?
  5. Nowadays I tend to play either really late at night or during my toddler's nap-time during the weekends. It's not very consistent. Sometimes I can get away with an hour or so of gameplay while she's occupied with a movie or toys, but most of the time it's more like a 15-20 minute session. haha When do you typically play? How long are you sessions normally?
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