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  1. If I ever did, I wouldn't have known. I don't usually play esports games.
  2. Sharon


    Please forgive my ignorance but what do you mean by MD?
  3. Sharon


    I think that's fantastic that you've taken initiative and recognize that you need to care of yourself. I haven't joined the gym but I have made it priority to work in better nutrition and exercise more.
  4. I just read an article that the OLED should be readily available this season, which will be awesome. Hopefully scalpers will be discouraged from hoarding them and future releases like this. I probably won't upgrade to the new version unless there's a great trade in deal somewhere.
  5. When given the opportunity I definitely prefer docked due to a bigger screen and better sound. I do find myself using it more often as a handheld device though usually while my toddler sleeps. I love having the option of doing either.
  6. Wait, people I shelling out $27 for a weapon in a video game? Is it just the gun or is part of a package? It sounds like a lot of money. I completely understand why folks would be upset. Why set expectations like that if you're not going to deliver? Bad move Activision, hopefully they fix this asap.
  7. You should definitely get a Nintendo Switch when you can! I don't think you will regret it. I love playing the old school games like Donkey Kong or Super Mario but I also enjoy games like Mario Kart and Animal Crossing. I can relate though, I haven't finished any games but maybe 2022 will be the year I work in gaming as part of my regular past-times. We shall see!
  8. Not typically. It was sort of understood that my parents didn't have a lot of money and unless it was a necessity we've learned to never really ask for anything major like a gaming system. I remember asking my brothers for video games (PC) growing up which now thinking back I didn't really appreciate as much as I should have. Whenever I wanted the newest expansion of The Sims, or if there was a new Playstation game my brothers would hook me up. I usually got their hand me downs but they always did get what I wanted when I asked. For my parents, they supported our hobbies in general but yeah I don't remember us asking for gaming consoles specifically.
  9. A friend of mine has invited me again to play Ark but I just don't have the bandwidth (timewise) to play video games at the moment. From what I understand it is one of the games that require time to progress. It does sound like a lot of fun, living off the land and trying to survive. Does anyone here play this game? Have you heard of it?
  10. I read an article earlier that Splatoon 3 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch next year. I haven't played the first or second Splatoon games despite the games being really popular. From what I understand that it's a really fun multiplayer game. Have you played any of these games? Are you look forward to the next release?
  11. I must say that the technology sounds intriguing particularly the part about the fitness concept, where you could have it so the fitness instructor appears to be in the same room as you. I can't help but make the association between the movie Gamer and this technology. How far will people take this? Will more people become home bodies and choose to really not leave their house since virtual reality will allow the to socialize and do activities without even getting out of their pajamas if they so desire? Mind blowing really.
  12. I started to feed into my obsession for the Final Fantasy XV game. I purchased the official guide along with the expansion packs. I came really close to buying the characters action figures but haven't pulled the trigger on those yet. Had I only the place to display them I probably would have but knowing me I would want a dedicated space for them and I'm just not ready to pay the money to do all of that yet! How about you guys? Do you have a particular game or franchise that you go out of your way to collect memorabilia, merchandise, etc from?
  13. I completely agree, the nostalgia is such a great feeling to experience. I imagine one day I may have a dedicated game room featuring classic consoles. That probably won't be closer to retirement though.
  14. There was a lot of hype earlier when a bunch of people collaborated and purchased the Gamestop stock when it was really low on volume. A lot of them sold when the value shot up. I grabbed a piece of the pie toward the later part of the hype but I haven't sold yet.
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