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  1. Pre-pandemic sure it was fun to watch games in public. Nowadays I'm a little bit more wary so haven't done it.
  2. I've never experienced this myself. Usually when I pre-order it's because I really want the game. Tomb Raider was the last time I did this.
  3. I definitely just continue on and see how far I can get with minimal supplies/health. I usually die but it's what I do. haha
  4. I enjoy the Skyrim soundtrack a lot and like having it in the background while I work.
  5. I've never tried it myself so unfortunately I don't have much of an opinion in the matter. Well I can say I wish there were more game options for it so I justify buying it!
  6. I am very close to my immediate family yes. Which is interesting because we all live apart from each other like in different states. Distance does make the heart fonder I suppose!
  7. I do! Not always but yes particularly after a long run. Mainly because by the time I get home and cool down I am ready to wash away all of the sweat, grime, and saltiness of my body and don't want to wait for the water to warm up. It also feels really good after the initial shock.
  8. Yes I believe there are other life forms out there. Are we the only humans? I believe so. Are there difference living beings in other galaxies? I believe there are.
  9. My deepest condolences. Pets are family and I'm so very sorry for your loss.
  10. I think bowling is a lot of fun! I haven't bowled since the pandemic started but would love to go back some day. Most of my rolls turn up to be gutter balls or strikes, rarely in between haha. Do you like to go bowling?
  11. I'd like to believe that a third party is the answer. Unfortunately we live in a society that is used to the divide. The only way a "third party" can win is if they pretend to be a democrat or republican to have a chance.
  12. I don't have one at the moment. ...but I would say that the Tetris soundtrack Super Mario World tends to randomly pop in my head from time to time for no particular reason!
  13. This is such an interesting question! I'm curious to hear others' thoughts as well. For me, I think that subliminally gamers are encouraged to spend more for status. You have to earn X amount so you can spend it on better gear, customizations, etc. That's the society we live in, a consumerist one and too many people don't take the time to appreciate what they have and ultimately exposes themselves to depression and unnecessary stress.
  14. I never actually owned one of these myself. I don't think I knew anyone with the system which is probably why I never picked it up myself.
  15. I'm not sure when I will have time to play this but I went ahead and purchased it for Xbox One since it's on sale! I know my husband has been wanting to play it as well so hopefully it will be worth it. It's received tons of great reviews. There's only 16 hours left for this promotion: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/promo/capcom-resident-evil-games
  16. Does The Sims count? ...because I've always loved The Sims. As a good and even now as an adult. I just wish I had more time to play!
  17. I think my daughter would enjoy this! Now if they were to release games for Baby Shark or Cocomelon now that would definitely be a hit in my household. lol
  18. What are some of your favorite multiplayer games? Do you typically like to chat with other gamers while playing?
  19. From your list I would recommend GTA 5 and Final Fantasy 15! I can never manage more than 20-45 minutes per session due to time limitations ...but if you have the time I would recommend those two games definitely.
  20. This is probably unpopular opinion but I really enjoyed Call of Duty Ghosts for PS4.
  21. I don't at all especially if I see that they are genuinely enjoying the music. I prefer to have a driver enjoying themselves than an angry driver not listening to anything. Hot heads can be dangerous on the road!
  22. I also love the outfit options for the fellas. You can go super formal or really casual and I love that they have different attributes related to their wardrobe. For example some garment offer more protection than others.
  23. Zombie apocalypse survival games intrigue me the most! We play games to escape reality but there's a thrill when imagining life in post disaster type games. I think that's why Survival games are so popular.
  24. Wow! That took some serious planning! Loved the rein-action. Pretty cool!
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