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  1. It's unfortunate to see so many people have a negative experience while chatting with others during game play. For this reason I like to play with folks that I know. Video gaming is a fantastic way to feel part of a community and it's too bad that not everyone strives for that time of camaraderie.
  2. Lorelai was actually my favorite character. She was so witty and just truly herself whether people accepted it or not which I absolutely admired. Gilmore Girls was one of my favorite shows, I still like to tune in once and a while and watch random episodes.
  3. I recently took a trip with my mother-in-law and we shared a room and she is the type that likes to leave the TV on while she sleeps. I remember I used to do this as a kid but I've grown to prefer darkness otherwise it's difficult for me to wind down for the night. Do you sleep with the television on?
  4. I must say though I would love to drive a bugatti some day!
  5. I used to be obsessed with Animal Crossing myself.
  6. I've never driven a sports car. I think I might be too short to comfortably drive one.
  7. I don't usually care about missed calls from random numbers unless they leave me a voice message.
  8. I haven't picked it up yet. Mainly because I haven't even finished BOTW yet. It's not that I don't enjoy the game I just have such limited free time at the moment!
  9. I haven't looked in the marketplace in a while. I don't really mind if they enforce the rule or not. $1.99 is not a lot of money. People should support game developers. That's why I don't mind paying the $60 price for some games. So much work and planning goes into making a video game.
  10. I usually feel like this whenever I play Skyrim or Final Fantasy XV. I think that's why I enjoy playing with strategy guides!
  11. Oh yes that's the worst! I usually have to eat some kind of snack before I cook otherwise I would not feel like cooking at all!
  12. I actually really enjoyed that game system and titles like "Virtua Fight 2" and "Duke Nukem". It's a shame that the pirates killed the system. I heard that it was super easy to get pirated versions of the games. Do you remember this console? Did you own one? What were your favorite games?
  13. That is HILARIOUS! I love that. I know but I still would rather be a temporary source of happiness! haha
  14. I love that the majority of bio pics show mostly females. Although, I know female gamers do tend to be friendly! I may have to give epal.gg a try! I hope their newbie friendly too. I'm not the strongest/most skillful team mate. haha
  15. I haven't had a chance to sit down and play the game through yet.
  16. I've never owned the Wii U so I can't really contribute much here. Were you able to figure out the issue? It almost sounds like calibration might be off or something.
  17. I pretty much grew up on the oldies type music e.g. The Supremes, Elvis Presley, Bee Gees etc because of my parents.
  18. Ella Enchanted 10/10 - I forgot how much I enjoyed this movie! Even my 3 year old loves it. It's held up well over the years!
  19. Your Disney soulmate would be Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty! You want a partner who will risk anything, including lives, to save you and make sure you're happy. You yourself have lived a mostly private life, opening up to only a few people, so it will take somebody special and willing to work for your love to have you come out of your box. You're a very nature-oriented person, and the perfect date for you would include something like horseback riding through the woods in spring. You're very kind, forgiving, and humble! Awwww that's awesome!
  20. I actually really enjoy Farming Together myself.
  21. I haven't seen this one yet. I enjoy sci-fi films. I will have to look it up!
  22. As a kid I did not understand why people would like to eat raw fish. As an adult I've learned to love it. That's when they're most nutritious.
  23. I prefer to eat out definitely but due to budget reasons I'm limited to how much. I enjoy cooking however, I don't feeling rushed while doing so.
  24. Nope. I'd rather be the temporary sand castle and bring a moment of joy!
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