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  1. I've got two pro controllers, one Zelda wired controller, and the joycons that came with the Switch. For a while there I considered buying another set of joy cons but then the pandemic happened and we started working remotely so I no longer had my work friends to play with during break times. How many Nintendo Switch controllers do you have?
  2. Sharon


    Have you guys ever played the game Tenchu? I played this game on Playstation around the same era as Metal Gear Solid. I've always loved the stealth concept on taking out the enemy.
  3. I downloaded this game last night. I'm looking forward to playing it again and having the nostalgia hit me! Are there any other Contra fans here?
  4. I recently purchased this game for my husband. I could never play it on my own - horror games terrify me and I prefer not to play them but I love watching others play. Have you guys picked up this game yet? It's actually REALLY good. The graphics are just amazing.
  5. We have a 65" LG TV that we play on. Sometimes I wish we got a 70" but when we moved the couch up it's a great size after all. Closer to when we retire we plan on having a game room which features a projector that should be pretty awesome for both movies and gaming. We'd love to have feel like a theatre ...but that's further down the line of life haha. What kind of TV do you game on?
  6. I haven't really ventured away from my laptops' standard keyboard. My husband has a Logitech MX mechanical keyboard. I'm not a fan though because it clicks too loudly for my liking. lol
  7. For the most part I've stuck with good ol' paper and pen. I keep a notebook by my computer at all times. It's not a very secure method I know but it's the easiest for me. I do use Authy when websites require me to use it though.
  8. That is something that I was never a big fan about Microsoft's XBOX dashboard. It has never felt intuitive to me like it does for Playstation. It always gets some getting used to.
  9. Sharon


    On the positive side @Reality vs Adventure you probably got amazing deals on PS2 games! When I finally let go of my PS2 and games I'm pretty sure I sold it for $75-$100 along with all of my games collection.
  10. Ok, I'm going to have to take a look at my settings tonight. I thought this would be a bigger deal in the Nintendo community. This is quite an interesting development! That would be amazing if I can work my bluetooth Bose headphones now!
  11. At this rate I may skip the PS5. I may have to wait until retirement to truly get back into gaming. In the mean time I'm still having fun with my Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
  12. I wasn't aware that Killer Instinct was available for the Sega Saturn. I remember it being one of my favorite games for the SNES (the black tape)! I'm pretty sure that game gave anger management issues. lol
  13. We use Verizon. We have unlimited text and web. I'm not entirely sure of our monthly cost though.
  14. Sharon


    I think the PS2 was the first time I purchased a gaming console for myself. I loved titles like Final Fantasy X, SSX, and Silent Hill 2. I associate those days with like the beginning of Netflix (back when they did rental dvds via mail). *sighs* good times.
  15. This may sound silly but I absolutely love using the Wii Fit trainer! I think it's just hilarious and love my opponents groan with frustration when I'm able to land hits. haha
  16. We no longer have a PS4 but I was able to snag a copy on sale for the Xbox One. I remember months ago seeing the trailer and made a mental note to play it once it came out. Only recently did a re-discover the title so was really excited to grab it.
  17. I agree with Empire. I would love to have more gaming options that promote exercise and fitness. That's the thing I love about Ring Fit, it's so easy to lose track of time. ...and I don't realize how out of breath I am until I complete the battle. haha I think they can really take this concept far with the use of virtual reality technology. I look forward to that being a normal thing in the future.
  18. Sharon


    I once had a small collection that my parents gave me when I was a kid. I remember listening to 45s like "If You Don't Know Me By Now" and "I Wrote The Songs". I also played Kenny Rogers' The Gambler album repeatedly. It's still one of my favorites actually. I no longer own a record player though. I ended up donating mine a while back.
  19. I love love love ballads. Here are some of my all time favorites.
  20. That's really cool. As you get more comfortable with your instrument Kompoz is a great place to collaborate with other musicians if you ever take up an interest in writing your own stuff.
  21. This is my first time coming across this title. It sounds very interesting. I will have to check it out! I agree with your comment about foreign films having normal looking people. I feel like American and Canadian Independent films are also good at casting "imperfect" actors.
  22. Sharon


    @ZandraJoi We never got on board with Beta Cassette Tapes. We had our share of VHS' for sure. As a kid a totally wore through The Land Before Time, The Lion King, and Pocahontas. Thank goodness we had a rewinder. I also remember Blockbuster videos! I wonder how many people decided to just pay the fee instead of rewinding their rentals. @The Blackangel I remember recording my favorite tv shows and rushing to hit the pause button so the commercials wouldn't be recorded as well. I also remember cassette tapes again recording my favorite songs from the radio and pressing pause before the commercials kicked in.
  23. Thanks for the feedback @Justin11! That's reassuring to hear that you're still impressed by it. We haven't been able to pop it in just quite yet but I'm definitely looking forward to it!
  24. Elder Scrolls series hand down. Diablo III is also really good in my opinion!
  25. Actually this is a pretty spot on list! I completely agree!
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