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  1. Fortnite was released officially in July 2017, and not everyone playing today started at the time the game came Live into limelight. As for me, i didn't know about the game until late 2021, and I started the game using my mobile phone. 

    It's been a joy so far being engaged in the battle royale game. I don't have all the fearsome weapons at the moment to propel me progressing higher in the game levels, but gradually I'm moving up in the ranks. 

    When did your journey start with Fortnite? Are you new in the game, what gaming device are you playing Fortnite?

    share your opinion...

  2. In most cases, I don't love watching football alone, I love being around my siblings, friends and well wishers, who cares about soccer. Such makes it more satisfactory to me, due to wide debates that will be coming from all ends, making the viewing centre to be lively. And again, taking some beverages like, beer, Heineken, especially at UCL nights makes the fun super, I don't joke with my favourite type of drinks when it comes to UCL nights. 

    How do you enjoy the game? 

    Your response is always valuable. 

  3. Initially it was set to 5 subs during 90 minutes of football due to the extended break caused by Covid 19.  So, the world football governing body (FIFA) decided to extend the substitute numbers to 5 instead of it's original 3, to reduce tiredness and casual injuries mid way through the season. 

    Debates have emerged to scrap the 5 substitution and back to 3, as it were. Do you think such decision should take place and take back number of substitution in football back to 3 or leave it at five? 

  4. Their is no doubt, Karim Benzema has been at the top of his game this season (2021/2022), with 42 goals scored overall, 15 goals alone in the UCL, and 27 goals in La Liga. Benzema also has '14 assists too this season, 12 from La Liga and 2 from UCL. His goals and assists are just instrumental for his Real Madrid team, as it guided them to La Liga glory and UCL final, where they'll be facing Liverpool in the Final game on Saturday, 28th May 2022. 

    Do you think his stats this season can land him the 2022 Balloon D'or trophy? 

  5. I enjoy playing some old games but not too old, I don't enjoy much of the retro games now due to their picture quality being low. I am not all that addicted to gaming anymore, because I got loads of activities to catch-up daily with. 

  6. Football is a continuous one, it restarts every year, which brings new season, that's just the reason why EA always release the game yearly and not skipping any year out without it's release. Now that agreement is ended, I'll be crossing my hands seeing a new publisher taking over the release of the series. 

  7. 6 hours ago, Dannyjax said:

    Being that I still take on gaming too much, I still play more than 5 hours every weekdays and at least 7 hours on weekends. I have more free time to play on weekends and it's why I play up to 7 or more hours. 

    To sum my average gaming time weekly, I think it's around 10-15 hours. I don't play much too, during the workday, only on weekends I have time for myself for cleanups and entertainment, which gaming is part of the entertainment. 

  8. I got your information 'The Black Angel, but it doesn't mean we should just let our valuables be around the pets all the time. Remember, they operate based on instinct, but humans which we belong to the homosapiens, have broader reasonings and larger brain capacity. So, we know what's good and bad, but the pets don't know about this things they can play around them, even if it gets spoilt they wouldn't know about it.  

  9. 3 hours ago, Dannyjax said:

    Maybe video game's companies aren't treating them the way they are supposed to be treated which also could mean that they are not paying them well. I'm sure that one those things would be the reason. 

    Some of them do collect job around video games, but recently, I've not seen much of the celebrities taking such roles again. I'm the past, we can see that around Frontline commando, Lara croft's Tomb raider, Michael Jackson's 'moon walker' and so much more. 

  10. 4 hours ago, Dannyjax said:

    I decided to play Bloodborne as a way to stir up old memories of the game. I have given in to Elden Ring since it was released but today is for Bloodborne. 

    That's excellent to roll back the memories around a particular video game you found favour with. Which of the edition of Bloodborne are you into? 

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