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  1. That's wonderful job you do. I think at this conjure, I'll call it a day. Maybe when I have something important to ask you, I'll definitely come back to ask. I enjoyed every bit of information you've said to me.
  2. That's massive. We all know how discounts attracts more people coming to buy from a particular store in order to earn fair share of the discount.
  3. You're right. Since we are made different, some are disciplined, and don't like taking or given out insults, they quickly desert themselves from being in such toxic congested online communities.
  4. It's very much of a surprise to see PES sinking down the tunnel. Lack of planning, and poor decision making caused them their place at the foremost.
  5. I went through the link, to be candid, the game isn't out, because it's written boldly there as 'upcoming. And another disappointment to me is that, the game won't be a compatible one for PS3.
  6. I didn't discover forums back then, it was recently I discovered that forums exist. It was simply a nice feeling now, because I love where I'm learning and improving my life than where I'm discussing with less knowledge gained.
  7. Yes, it wouldn't stress me but for now I'm focused here, and other places, I am not going to YouTube, because it will be stress running around from different sites to get an information.
  8. Definitely it will. That's why it will be extra expensive to get when it's readily made available. I heard it's still on the beta, maybe we wait for it's release anytime.
  9. Good one, you got what I was saying now. Most of the Final Fantasy series lover choose the edition 7 as the best in the series entire history.
  10. Yes, that's how they behave and I wouldn't go on repairing any of them more than I can offer. My second smart phone is having a deemed screen, and I never wanted to change the tough and screen, because it wouldn't signal the end of it's damage, rather it's continuous.
  11. I was thinking you do that often, I got your point better now, you do play with the wired controller once in a while via your gaming device.
  12. That's fantastic of you too. I am a game lover, as such I'll play different kinds of game series provided it impresses me.
  13. Let's cross our hands and watch the game devs around Ghost of Tsushima take that decision serious and implement it, which will serve as a useful example for others to follow.
  14. You said it earlier on this VGR forum. That's why anytime I see people recommending any video game to play the PC at work place, it keeps ringing on my mind what happened to your friend that made em lose his job.
  15. The reason why I'm open to posting alot here is that I am mostly bored offline, especially when I have no place to go. But in.the future who knows my posts count might reduce when my schedule become more tighter.
  16. I am simply speechless, I think they simply copied each other because they want to make equivalent money to company A, and B, and not left behind.
  17. LMAO, the game is extremely made fun, I'm loving it that way. I'll continue playing the game long time.
  18. When games are simply adjusted to the highest difficulty and you're a beginner, you'll definitely find it very hard to learn and master it's game-play. But continuous learning will enable you master the game at the top level. But learning through easy level will simply make your hand weak, but you'll master the way level and find it hard to play the highest difficulty level.
  19. I only watched the game 'Deus Ex machina trailer via YouTube. I am yet to play it, maybe it has a PS3 version, I'll check it out. How is your experience so far with Deux Human revolution game?
  20. Yeah, I understand reasons why you're used to playing with wired controllers. So you don't move inches away when playing your PS4 games?
  21. Okay, since racing is partly on the game, including soccer, we go by calling it racing-soccer game. Earlier time, I simply concluded it's just racing game since I'm using vehicle to play the spheroid object around.
  22. I got your points very much now. You simply feel passionate around the wired controller. Their is nothing bad, that's your choice.
  23. That's interesting to hear, that you keep it as a hobby. If I may ask you again please; what do you do, to make ends meet?
  24. Some persons will simply come and disagree with me if I call it complete soccer game. They'll say, the game isn't made up of football stars. That's why I classified it under racing. But it took both like terms.
  25. Maybe you feel comfortable now playing with the wired controller than the wireless right?
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