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  1. I'm waiting to confirm from my friends, if they all hook up with a particular online game, definitely I'll try to host online competition with them to test our experience lol.
  2. In the football world, check, Messi sold his 2013 balloon d'or to fund charity. Cristiano Ronaldo also sold one of his balloon d'or trophy for monetary reward and also donated to vulnerable individuals.
  3. It depends on the game, their are games that are more interesting with double player, their are others that is more interesting in your own career. Mortal Kombat, PES, FIFA, Car racing etc, are all cool when it comes to double players.
  4. Their are days I was t to play more on console, but due to my activities with other stuffs, I couldn't play much as I could. When I'm very free I can play video games for 2-4 hours daily.
  5. Their is nothing draining my battery than playing online games on mobile. O know how the mobile data that is kept ON uses my battery on order to keep me active in the game. That's why I wouldn't exceed 1 hour playing mobile gaming if I want to play more of online than offline mode.
  6. The best will be, combining both in order to use anyone comfortably to avoid any issues of feeling discomfort.
  7. F1 series will stay long in my memory, even if I have stopped playing the game, which my then PS3 made me missing on the newer editions because it is outdated fkr video games.
  8. Just a single google click will help you know about the games which you want.
  9. Most individuals or players are completely anonymous. So, who do the gaming devs/publishers want to sue fir cheating? That's nothing, if the individual is using it to catch the fun while playing with their fellow cheat.
  10. I'm always proud, whenever I'm making progress on new game which I'm playing for the first. Because I wouldn't expect to unlock achievements as a newbie during the early stages of the game.
  11. One of my very best racing game, I just don't know why I've stopped playing F1 racing games. Maybe, I'll find time and see if I'll be getting the 2021 edition or better wait for the 2022 edition of it.
  12. Not at all, I use secured password for my online accounts especially on Fortnite, I just don't want such easy compromisation of my account. Even if their is nothing much there, maybe they can use it for benefits unknown to me.
  13. Their are many things in which the streamers at twitch stand to get, just as those who are streaming on YouTube. I don't have an active twitch account, so, I wouldn't follow-up what's truly going on there.
  14. Lol, the beggars would have changed their situation to something great, since they control their own destiny on their own hand. So, no one knows when those games gonna be released this year.
  15. Cyberpunk 2077 is okay now with the information that has been going through it, in which the devs/publishers worked so hard to get the glitchy aspect of the game sorted out.
  16. Cutscenes are there to make us feel emotional over a particular action around a particular video game. I wouldn't let such to derail over ride over my mind, I know how emotional it can be when someone you never wished to die, die in a mysterious way in-game. But remember, those scenes makes the game mire entertaining and real.
  17. I enjoyed playing FIFA in the past with friends and family. It was indeed an entertaining game due to it's double player feature, I was also involved playing PES too back then.
  18. With the help of the game-pass, Xbox and PC gamers can share same game, since they connect with their Microsoft account and play any game of their choice there. I never used the game-pass before, got the information as a result of reading about it. It is a plus for noth PC and Xbox gamers, which is like, cross play.
  19. Nothing bad with dating app, but I wouldn't like the one I'll be subscribing weekly or monthly to using real money.
  20. Noted our amiable mod.
  21. Fortnite Battle Royale game was the last I played today.
  22. I don't see any easy playing time with any of the soul's game, I have to quit because it became tough for me.
  23. The reason why it is like copy and paste video game is that, EA keeps repeating same gameplay that is glitchy, buggy, no ideal improvement to the gameplay, in terms of making it more realistic.
  24. Interesting, worth watching at my convenient time.
  25. For now, I am not thinking about the unreleased games that are on my plans this year, when they're released, I'll think about them. No matter that I'm hopeful for 'God of war Ragnarok, New Tomb raider, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction, The lord of the rings - Gollum, Weird - West, Stranger of Paradise.
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