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  1. On 5/24/2022 at 2:33 PM, Heatman said:

    It's a movie mate, just like @kingpotatohave explained to you. I'm going to upload the movie poster now for you as well. You should watch it. IMG-20220524-WA0016.thumb.jpg.a6e128eee3407f78297ee26558eb45a0.jpg

    I don't think I have such time to even spend 10 mins watching any movie at all. Maybe I'll take a look at it via YouTube, but wouldn't take more than five minutes of my time. 

  2. On 5/24/2022 at 2:17 PM, Heatman said:

    I suppose those your old games on PS3 are on CD's? If yes, then it's going to be very easy for you to sell them as long as they are games that's going to interest buyers. 

    Most of them are digital, because I rooted the storage drive to accept DLCs, which helped me to own many PS3 games. I had many CDs too, they aren't all that expensive since I got most of them second hand. 

  3. On 5/24/2022 at 2:08 PM, Heatman said:

    If there are any electronic device like a dust vacuum sucker which can be installed in one's home to suck in any dusts that gets inside the house, I would be more than willing to buy it seriously. 

    I don't think such is feasible, since you have hands, you can always do them regularly and keep your surroundings neat including your gaming room. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, Boblee said:

    It's definitely expensive. If one's looking at purchasing it with real money, it should be costing around $75 for it. 

    Yeah, it's not something you should go with real money, unless you have surplus to spend. Their are other diamond cars in the game which cost around 20m points, which is over $300 if you go for them.  

  5. 23 hours ago, Heatman said:

    No matter how comfortable the seat is, if I sit too long than I should be, it's my bum that would start paining me before my back would follow as well. It's why I play in moderation to avoid getting unnecessary pains. 

    It is better that way as you've average the time you're planning, to avoid frequent occurrence of buttocks and back pains. As for me, provided I'm sitting comfortably, I wouldn't feel pains, but it doesn't mean I'll play for 10 hours daily. 

  6. 20 hours ago, Heatman said:

    It's a normal thing that you are not updated on Xbox consoles and its controllers, since you don't own them, getting more information about them wouldn't serve much need for you unless you're planning on getting them soon. 

    I'm not planning on getting any Xbox game anytime soon, unless I have surplus in the future. At this point, I'm happy having my PS console. 

  7. 20 hours ago, Heatman said:

    Delist WatchMojo? No, that's not the case or what I was trying to say. Rather, I give them praise for what they have done for me ever since I came across them in making use of game's reviews. 

    Yeah, it was just an opinion I knew you wouldn't take into action, because Watch-mojo have been a revelation since you learnt about them. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, Heatman said:

    I don't understand what you meant by that "the two we're conversing on". 

    Would you be kind enough to explain? 

    xD, that's the two games that we are talking about, being ' COD vanguard and Battlefield 2042. I said, their are still other buggy and glitchy games out there, that is even worst than what we have with Battlefield 2042 and COD vanguard. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, Heatman said:

    No one says no to gold and when you have the character that's capable of turning everything you touch into gold, that's an opportunity I can't pass up. 

    Lol, I've seen it in you. Do you think this skin can lead you all the way to springing up high in the game up to level 100 at least?

  10. 20 hours ago, Heatman said:

    COD Vanguard wasn't that bad but it wasn't as good as it was anticipated for most gamers. But for it and Battlefield 2042, it was miles better. Battlefield 2042 was so bad that the company admitted that it was a major disaster. 

    If you search around you'll find out other video games that are worst than the two we're conversing on. Let's see what I'll be bringing on as I go search for the most buggy and glitchy games ever. 

  11. 20 hours ago, Heatman said:

    I bumped into a player the other and get to see the skin Midas in play. It looked so cool and I felt like it's something that I need to have for myself as well. 1634557953_images(57).jpeg.e1cc29ede9008b893645a60de411fcdf.jpeg

    It looks cool, bit you already got one well looking skin, do you have to spend more for just skins you won't be wearing at once for your character? 

  12. 20 hours ago, Heatman said:

    It's not only Skins that are important in Fortnite. There are other tools or even weapons as some would call them. They are quite very important in the course of playing the game. Take for instance, the Leviathan Axe. It's one powerful tool. 



    With what I've seen in the video, it is one hell of a powerful axe, it can help down enemies easily. But when everyone upgrades to powerful weapons like that, it becomes though, that's my Fortnite remains one of the toughest battle royale game up to date. 

  13. 20 hours ago, Heatman said:

    Yeah, you would only have yourself to blame when you don't make all the necessary research on any game you wanted to get before buying them. If it's that bad, you can't fault anyone but yourself only. 

    Sure, that gonna be disastrous indeed, that's why it is cool to always seek for research to avoid issues of had I know. I don't want to be on that angle anymore, where I'll be ruining due to my own bad. 

  14. 18 hours ago, Heatman said:

    You shouldn't have to work yourself like that my life. Take it easy before you break down all because of work and you still have to get into gaming as well. It's too much. 

    That's very bad, I've taken precautions, thanks for the suggestion. During the next day I wasn't myself, that's why I couldn't stay online that much. Life isn't about work alone, adequate relaxation is needed. 

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