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  1. Yeah it does vibrate like that. It even vibrates during a hard tackle. I do score a lot of goals playing and I spend hours playing so I can't withstand the regular vibration reason why I prefer putting it off.
  2. Nah.. I'll pass. Not like I don't need a reward for playing video games but at least the reward should be motivating enough.
  3. Of course I understand what you're talking about. Soccer games are my all time favourite video games.
  4. Okay. The saga edition is different from the normal one? I never took note of it. Av been playing the saga edition so I knew it has no end, now hearing someone talking about completing the game was really confusing for me.
  5. Okay. I guess the amount being paid as a reward for playing the game is next to nothing. If that's the case, you can only play the game for fun and ignore their reward.
  6. Are you serious? You're the 2nd person confirming that candy crush have ending. If candy crush really have an end then I'll go back to the game.
  7. That's really nice. Although am not into crypto yet, but hopefully in the future. And it's really sweet to get a reward for gaming especially when it's more like a cash reward.
  8. I agree with you on racing games. It's very necessary to use the vibrator on it but I don't really need it on soccer. Soccer is actually the game I play most.
  9. That's really nice. This is exactly the strategy am going to use to revive my channel back.
  10. Thank you so much for this video. You just triggered back old memories! Honestly this part I watched I never really watched it while playing the game back then because I was always impatient to watch it, I'll just press start button to take me to the main game. Driver was really an interesting game.
  11. I actually plan to play it on mobile not on my PS4. Except if it's not on mobile.
  12. That's the point. Only desktop PC can be comparable to consoles to some extent when talking about durability.
  13. Okay good. You got rewarded for playing solitaire. Lucky you.
  14. Wait.. I think am the one who made a mistake. It's not temple run the gamer was talking about. The gamer was talking about completing candy crush Saga. Yes. I remember now. Pardon me please. It's candy crush not temple run. However I still find it difficult to believe too because I haven't seen or hear anyone completing candy crush before.
  15. It's all cool. What matters is we're enjoying our video games in the end. It doesn't matter if the vibration is switch ON or OFF.
  16. Very well. Am going with your suggestions. Been thinking of how I can revive my channel back and your idea is helpful already. thanks bro.
  17. Yes bro. Will be relaxing this weekend gaming on my PS4. It's been a while I played video game.
  18. Yeah that's true. But Spiderman game is really an interesting game to play. Someone is already enjoying it on PS4 now.
  19. Yeah it's true though but I couldn't keep up for a couple of reasons.
  20. Very well bro. Am talking from experience. I have purchased all PlayStation series. pS1 and PS2 slim lasted very long with me. I actually gave both out after many years. I bought my PS2 in 2007-2008. I gave my PS2 out in 2018 and it was still working fine even with the disc. I have never used a laptop more than 4 years because i could no longer cope with it.
  21. I guess I'm adding this game to my list too. I really want to see how this game is way better than NFS.
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