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  1. I love playing Uno, ass*, solitaire Klondike on my iPhone 12 mini and speed. How about you?
  2. What are the ones to look out for in 2021?
  3. I dunno, lol! I have only 1 for mine.
  4. I have tried playing it myself on the GBA, but I'm not a fan of it personally.
  5. It certainly looks interesting to me, but I'm not familiar with it myself.
  6. Naiwen

    I'm back!

    Heya guys, I love games and food irl!
  7. I personally binge play daily a few hours a few usual games for quite a few hours just to kill time because I'm on disability for life on my iPhone 6s.
  8. Naiwen

    Devil May Cry?

    I've played DMC 4 and 5 at a friend's house in my teens, I've just loved it. Have never owned an Xbox myself, although planning to save up for the Xbox S.
  9. I just love myself : "Solitaire Klondike" on mobile. What's yours?
  10. I love personally : all the Mario games, all the Pokemon games, the "Tales of" Franchise", Super Smash Bros and the "Fire Emblem" franchise.
  11. And I could care less if anyone has read them or not, lol.
  12. Nop, I do what I want, if I can’t, then the forum is useless to me.
  13. Hi all sup! How are ye al doing today? Today, as it’s a dark, cd, gloomy and wet day outside, feeling like 12C, just enjoying the movie “Avatar 2” before heading to bed tonight.
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