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  1. What are the ones to look out for in 2021?
  2. I dunno, lol! I have only 1 for mine.
  3. I have tried playing it myself on the GBA, but I'm not a fan of it personally.
  4. It certainly looks interesting to me, but I'm not familiar with it myself.
  5. Naiwen

    I'm back!

    Heya guys, I love games and food irl!
  6. I personally binge play daily a few hours a few usual games for quite a few hours just to kill time because I'm on disability for life on my iPhone 6s.
  7. Naiwen

    Devil May Cry?

    I've played DMC 4 and 5 at a friend's house in my teens, I've just loved it. Have never owned an Xbox myself, although planning to save up for the Xbox S.
  8. I just love myself : "Solitaire Klondike" on mobile. What's yours?
  9. I love personally : all the Mario games, all the Pokemon games, the "Tales of" Franchise", Super Smash Bros and the "Fire Emblem" franchise.
  10. And I could care less if anyone has read them or not, lol.
  11. Nop, I do what I want, if I can’t, then the forum is useless to me.
  12. Hi all sup! How are ye al doing today? Today, as it’s a dark, cd, gloomy and wet day outside, feeling like 12C, just enjoying the movie “Avatar 2” before heading to bed tonight.
  13. Yo sup guys! How are you? This morning, I’ve just taken a shower and a hair wash and have trimmed my nails. The afternoon, still enjoying the movie “Avatar 1” on YouTube because I haven’t finished it yesterday afternoon yet before hitting the sack tonight.
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