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  1. Almost 3k wins and just 400 losses. That's impressive!
  2. No idea what he uses it for as I don't speak to him. I highly doubt he games on it though as he was never a gamer.
  3. No, I've actually never heard of it. Would you recommend it?
  4. 78th season? Wow. That's some dedication. Who are you managing?
  5. The only downside about the Switch version is you can't add graphics. So you can't have teams with their real badge and players with their actual faces. Some people that doesn't bother them but I like the full experience.
  6. Sadly no. I did have a gaming laptop that cost me over £1,000. When I moved out of my parents my dad refused to give it to me so I just use a basic laptop now that isn't designed for gaming.
  7. Terry94

    Star Wars

    I'm sure I'm not the only member on here that's a fan of Star Wars. I thought we could use this thread to discuss everything Star Wars. Is anyone currently watching the latest spin of called "Obi Wan Kenobi" it's really good.
  8. Best way mate. The older ones are better and you know what to expect.
  9. See I'm the opposite. Maybe it's why I play the older FM games. But personally I find Football/Soccer boring. I used to love it growing up, pretty much obsessed with it, but nowadays I couldn't care less. I do enjoy playing Football Manager (the older games at least) but find watching it so boring.
  10. Halo 3 is a brilliant game. I sometimes play it on my laptop, but it just barely runs so isn't the greatest experience.
  11. When I was younger I always thought it would be a dream job. Getting paid to play video games, how awesome! Now I feel like I would get bored and if your income is through playing video games you can't really get bored otherwise you won't be playing and earning money.
  12. Football Manager 2011. I just started a new save with my local non League side.
  13. It's a cool concept, being able to play wherever (this was before Football Manager on the Nintendo Switch) but because the PC version is so much better it does getting boring after a while. As much as I enjoy Football Manager I'm quite terrible at the game, and tend to lose interest quick. I think the longest save I've had is 5 seasons.
  14. Despite being a huge fan of boxing I have never watched any of the Rocky films. Never watched Game of Thrones either.
  15. Mine was when I kept telling myself I should be spending time gaming instead of watching TV or whatever else I was doing. It became more of a chore then playing for fun. Thankfully that was about 10 years ago.
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