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  1. It's a good thing for your friends to desire to be rich like those highest paid streamers on Twitch. It's also not all about them swearing to do it but do they have the determination and persistent to see it through? I think that's the right question they need to answer for themselves before taking any step towards their aim. Having that kind of success isn't something you achieve overnight, it's something that's going to take your blood and sweat for years before you get to that level.
  2. I take a day off every week as far as my gaming goes. It's always on Sunday's that I get to do that because it's a day that I have so many other activities to take care of. Even if it's just for one hour, it's not something that I can spare for gaming that very day. I tried playing on a Sunday and it affected my schedule so bad that I had to apologize and pay a fine for it. Ever since then, Sunday's have been rooted out as a gaming day for me.
  3. YouTube have been with us since 2005 and those gamers that got into streaming since then have explored and exploited the channel to its very best. YouTube is arguably the most popular online video sharing and social media platform. Some people tip it to being the very best amongst its competitors. Twitch on the other hand came into the business in 2011. The company tried to specialize their services to video games live streaming, broadcasts of esports competition etc. If you are to choose between YouTube and Twitch for your video games streaming, which one would it be?
  4. Most of us started playing video games as a hobby which is very common with all of us. Some started and used it a way of disconnecting from the real world and enter into the fantasy world. While started playing and turned it into their professional career and even make enough money through it. Along the line of gaming, we all get to the point where we get hooked up so bad that it might even be bad for our health. I'm throwing it out in the open right now to know the level you think it would get before you consider it being an addiction and it needs to be corrected sooner than later?
  5. One thing that's very common with purchasing video games is that there are so many options that are available for gamers to make use. Whenever they are interested in getting games, they can make use of Steam, PS Store, Humble Bundle, GameStop, Best Buy, Epic Games, Xbox Live, GOG.com and so much more. I mostly purchase my games from Playstation Network, Impulse and Steam. They have never disappointed me so far and it's why I have kept loyalty with them for years now. Which online gaming store do you usually make use of got getting your games?
  6. I have been scared enough in my life to the extent that getting afraid of anything is highly impossible right now. I'm not sure if there's any kind of video game that's ever going to be capable of making me feel scared of the night nor talk about making me lose my sleep. I might just feel sad about what happened in the game but it's never going to be enough to keep me from sleeping.
  7. Battlefield series used to be my favorite when you talk about Military Simulation games. I have kept faith with the franchise till their last release Battlefield 2042. It's one game that I have regretted ever buy recently. If feels so sad how they are hell bent on killing the game off. I even prefer Call of Duty Vanguard to the Battlefield 2042.
  8. Mortal Kombat 11 was one fighting game that the developers went out of their way to make a near perfect game in my opinion. I would have said it's a perfect game but all games comes with its own flaws. But with the gameplay and the characters that were available to play in the game, I couldn't ask for more. You can overlook how good the graphics was a lot better all round.
  9. Being a console player, it took me a while before I made the decision to start playing on PC. After making that decision, there was a lot of things that I needed to buy in order to be able to play on PC and enjoy it. I had to get a gaming headset, a keyboard, mouse and a new gaming chair. All these cost me more than $900. I'm even considering getting a new gaming laptop because I can't be using my work laptop for playing games.
  10. Yes, I understand the reason behind the cancelation of E3 2022. No one wants to be put at risk over something that can be done another time. But on the other hand, I keep asking what happens with the football leagues where thousands of people come together to watch their favorite teams play? Aren't they exposed to the same health challenges of coronavirus?
  11. Minigun is a real bad ass gun. One thing that I love so much about this gun is the ammo size because it's capable of taking out a lot of people and never run out. I can remember one old movie that I watched called Commando by Arnold Schwarzenegger, he recked havoc with that gun. I haven't used it in Fortnite yet but I still have plans of getting it because it's a sweet devastating gun.
  12. Fortnite is one my favorite battle royale game till today. I did enjoyed playing League of Legends as well but Fortnite was better for me in terms of gameplay and graphics. The weapons list in Fortnite is another aspect of the game that I love so much because there at so many to choose from. But the main problem would be know the best weapon to use when you're supposed to. If you are asked to pick your all time favorite weapon in Fortnite, which is it going to be?
  13. There are so many video games and RPGs likewise that offers incredible side quests. The side quests offer more playing aspect from the game's main story in order to compliment it. I enjoyed playing Boc's Questline in Elden because of the reward of getting a new friend and personal tailor. Which game's side quest was your best or favorite?
  14. If playing video games is for kids, what happens or are they going to say about the professional gamers? There is no way gaming is only for kids in my book. Whoever thinks otherwise is misguided. I'm no longer a kid and I'm still playing at 29 years.
  15. I have a very serious problem with bugs and glitches in games. They affect my overall interest in the games they are filled with. Not to talk about the game's breaking type, I wouldn't stress myself too much about it. It's either I quit the game or wait for it to be fixed before playing it again.
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