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  1. I have a slight allergy to mint and I am lactose intolerant.
  2. Kim Winchester


    I don't remember much from my 20s or 30s either.
  3. Kim Winchester


    51 as of yesterday.
  4. I learned Karate from my cousin who mastered it after taking it for years himself.
  5. I am a pacifist personally, but am trained in martial arts due to a past in dealing with bullies as a child and teen.
  6. To me it is a very personal day since my daughter was born on Christmas Day 23 years ago.
  7. Become a grandmother, publish my first book, and give all money I earned from the book sales to my daughters.
  8. I personally felt the most challenged the day I became a mother. All of this was new to me and I constantly had eyes on me due to being special needs myself(I have a learning disability that I was born with). I have had to prove myself to everyone and it wasn't easy.
  9. My username is a Supernatural original RPG character. Thanks for asking!
  10. Not much at all. --------- It would depend on whether either one is dangerous. If both are then I would choose neither and just save myself.
  11. I would definitely say that Scream, Halloween, Friday the 13th all have the best sequels as far as horror movies go.
  12. It looked like an accident to me. She didn't even look before she jumped. I see no cause for a lawsuit.
  13. Kim Winchester


    That is pretty cool!
  14. Hello! Nice to meet you too. I will see you around!
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