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  1. If you can get completely lost in a game (like you don't even realize time is passing) cause you're so into and enjoying it - yeah, that's great stress relief. It's like watching a really good movie or reading a book you're really into.
  2. I'm waiting for Switch to rerelease Kung Fu for NES (the 5 level game where you walk across the board and then up a staircase). Elevator Action would be cool too. Double Dribble. Wizards & Warriors.
  3. Thank you all for these great recommendations. I love Zelda, I really do. I wish the weapons didn't break in Breath of the Wild and that I was better at figuring out the combat system and what to do/where to go. I'll try to contribute back to the forum somehow - my vid game knowledge is limited in recent years, but I'll try to put in some response posts to threads where I can.
  4. Hi, Thank you for the replies and welcoming me to the forum. Turns out I was looking at the wrong genre. I looked into hack and slash and found 2 games that looked like they would be good for me: Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen and God of War. I really appreciate it.
  5. Hi everyone, The below might sound like complaining - but it's just my explanation of what I am looking for. I'm looking for an RPG but I'm not sure if it exists (xbox one, ps4, or Switch). I've tried a lot of games, but unfortunately I haven't found one that was for me. I'm looking for an RPG that is simple (in terms of use; not how hard or easy it is to beat). I just a want a game where weapons don't break, I don't have to craft food or magic, I don't have to repair or strengthen my sword or armor, and menus are very simple. I find all these things the opposite of relaxing / enjoyable - it breaks the fun of enjoying the game - it's just sort of frustrating (as if I had a loose HDMI cable and had to get up every 5 minutes to plug it in firmly again - that's how annoying I find weapons breaking, armor and shields needing repair, gathering berries to craft food, etc...). I just need a game where they give me one sword, one shield, 3 or so potions (fire, ice, and healing), a simple menu, no training (like the game makes you do a training course to learn how to do combos or fight or whatever - I don't want to have to that), a quest to complete, and send me on my way. Just give me the basics I need. I don't need the realism (I'm fighting monsters and dragons: I don't need actual realism when it comes to weapon durability). Any video game suggestions are greatly appreciated. *I know I'm asking a lot - but the less cartoony the better. Thank you
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