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  1. I'm glad because these days music 100% does not interest me in the least.
  2. Wow. You Christmas people (as my daughter calls people who celebrate Christmas) really are insane. The first of December is late? About a month in advance? Wow. You'd think we were really slack for Eid.
  3. Forums are a great and I think they should always have a place and are in fact better that stalker media. But alas, I'm afraid we'll be in our tailspin very soon. 😞
  4. She hangs with her peeps. I hang with mine. We occasionally +1 to each others things - but neither of our friends invite us somewhere expecting the other one will come as a rule. It's a pretty sweet life. I wouldn't want to do things any other way.
  5. NetFlix basically. My wife does some thing where she rents films on her phone and streams them too though. I can't get my head around it though.
  6. Basketball. Though, I don't really have time to keep up nowadays which is annoying AF. 😞
  7. On nights off work, about 11PM. Nights that I do work though, around 3AM.
  8. I'll take voice. I'm sure I can find other ways to communicate. I won't be able to find other ways to hear very easily though.
  9. I speak English. I know and am still learning some Qur'anic Arabic and am working on Somali.
  10. Racism/Bigotry for one job. Not being paid properly for another. You tell me which is dumber...
  11. Wow. How many years have you been having it done? How many tattoos approximately would you say you probably have? I have...0. And no plans on ever getting one. Just not a fan, for myself.
  12. Where have you visited? Where do you wish to visit in the near future?
  13. No one else agrees that NetFlix is going down the gurgler? Seriously, it's all filler no killer now.
  14. When I was looking at Switches about a week ago I saw that Diablo III is coming soon on it. Definitely points in my book. Not that I'm into modern Diablo. But I'd be keen to see what all the hype's about.
  15. Ha, I wasn't aware of the retro feel. I guess IRL as well, what's old is new again. Even right now we're in a rehash of the 90's to a degree it would seem. 😛 Enjoy. The future awaits.
  16. Perhaps. But unfortunately money at the moment is probably going on different things. 🙂 We have just had some major car issues we need to sort, before all else. *Sigh* Adulting sucks. Ps; when is black friday?
  17. Wow. And yet we let far-right hate mongers and nazi (or at least nazi sympathisers) speakers in as a matter of routine. You actually taught me we are apparently strict. I guess you can be strict without standards though.
  18. That's cool, I guess. My wife and I aren't. We're soul mates, best friends, etc. Buuuuuttt...We have different lives, interests, even friendship groups. We are very individual despite a nearly 10 year marriage, and three children and being as in love as ever.
  19. Whoaaa-ohhhhh. You don't mess around, playing with that idea. Then again, there are some pretty awful people in this world. But still, that'd be a crazy thing to do. Please don't target me for being contrary to you in the TV department 😛
  20. I didn't. I've always had good taste in TV. Peace.
  21. So your networks don't do that? Here's literally all of our TV stations have their own apps where you can watch all of the shows they show outside of the schedule. I love TV and movies, I just don't hear people raving about Hulu and from the description you've given me it sounds like the reason it's not in Australia is because it'd be redundant here before it begins.
  22. Okay, I'll give you this. It brought in the ratings, and the dollars and they thought it would again in the modern day. I just wish Roseanne Barr showed her true colours earlier.
  23. I know. It's one of those things where I didn't think I needed to say 'in my opinion' because I thought that was a given from the fact it's my hands typing it. You are right, millions of viewers = millions of dollars. And nostalgia is a market that's pumping right now (in part because almost all modern things are crap.) I will say though, if you want to see Megan Mullally in something decent watch Parks and Rec.
  24. Yikes guys. Just live another 50 or so years and you're there. The dystopian future is a thing if we as a global community keep sitting back and doing nothing, which we will.
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