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  1. Haha, god yes Subway Surfers is the best! I don't know why but it's the perfect 'toilet' game (C'mon, we all do it!) for me anyway, I can sometimes get too stuck into it though and spend a lot longer in the bathroom than I intended lol. But yes, I still do play it, alongside the evergreen Temple Run and Angry Birds lol, I'm a sucker for those old ones!
  2. I've always been a man for the physical games, I like seeing them stack up on my desk or shelf but over the last year or two maybe I've started to 'adult' a bit more and now all they represent to me is taking up space where I can put other things so I've started moving over to digital downloads a lot more, my Steam library is definitely growing at a fair rate!
  3. Never had to refund a game myself, I know with physical disks it's more like Mission Impossible anyway because stores just don't seem to accept them back unwrapped. I know one occasion my parents had to take a game back was when they both bought me the same Pokemon game on DS but even then the store wouldn't take it back, we just ended up selling it on eBay to get at least some of the money back!
  4. Every Humble Bundle I've ever bought haha, I don't regret it for the charity aspect of things but all the games I ever bought from there are games that now just clog up my Steam library and collect dust. I've loaded up a couple of them but they just do not do it for me... especially as I don't have time to actually dive into them anymore either!
  5. A simple one this, have you ever liked a game so much you went out and bought some real life merch to deck out your space? For me, I've bought countless Fallout, AC and COD merch for my room. Don't even get me started on Pokemon (If that counts!) - I went a bit wild when I visted Japan this summer! I especially love my glow in the dark vault boy Pop Vinyl - a lovely addition to the room. What 'bout you? Got any game merch?
  6. To be quite honest, off the top of my head all the ones I want to play actually are backwards compatible so I'm lucky in that respect - keeps me happy on the days I fancy me some retro style gaming on my old copies anyway. Playing Saints Row again on a console is amazing haha. What about yourself? What titles do you play/wish they were backwards compatible?
  7. For me, I think the top console currently is the PlayStation (which pains me as someone who has stuck loyally to my XBOX One over the years) but it just seems to have improved from when I last had a PlayStation really. Especially in terms of exclusive titles for the system, makes me jealous! I think PC gaming is still gaining some huge steam but the price of building a high-end machine is still out of reach for some. I'm trying to build a new system bit by bit currently but it's adding up! Great for the modding though, even to this day I sit here playing GTA SA modded and it's fun as when I was playing it normally all those years ago! What do you think? What's on top for you?
  8. For me, I will basically a play a game until death and until I really just cannot any more. Then I swap to the next one that takes my fancy and repeat the cycle until I eventually arrive back at the original game. Generally takes about 2-3 weeks before I swap games but I've gone over - like now, I've played nothing but FIFA 18 for the past 6 weeks just because. I need to broaden my horizons. 🙂
  9. Any boss in Ninja Gaiden 2 for me. Jesus, I remember playing that game as a naive little teenager and I swear it made me into a man after getting through it best I could. I'd recomend it to anyone who fancies ripping their hair out for sure.
  10. Defo Theme Hospital for me. That game was THE GAME for me in my childhood. Many hours spent messing around inputting cheat codes only to get the narrator going "Warning, Hospital Administrator is cheating.." - always managed to crack me up. Even the names of the ailments were silly and just was a perfect game for immature little me!
  11. For me at the moment, it changes quite regular as I'm, sure it does with most people. At the moment, it's GTA 5 after going through a phase of smashing FIFA every day possible lol. On XBOX360 my faves are Saints Row and the Hitman games. I just love those older games as well at the moment. I wonder what my next fave will be but I'm waiting to see what I get for Christmas first before buying any other games. 🙂
  12. I certainly agree that the cinematic part of a game is subjective more than an exact set of criteria but for me, games like GTA 5 struck me as cinematic. The quality of the cut-scenes, the extensiveness of the narrative and so on makes me feel part of the game on a different level than when I'm actually playing it and flying planes about the place like a lunatic. Actually told me a story and took me through it, so that's cinematic to me!
  13. I'm sure there are lots and lots of games out there that just ended terribly, or not how you envisaged. Which games hit that kind of criteria for you and why? For me, playing Far Cry 5 and the ending I walked myself into was just...odd. Didn't end at all how I thought it would. I won't share due to spoilers in case but it was a complete anti-climax to the game itself. Just didn't do it for me really. What about you?
  14. For me I tend to move between physical retailers where they are on the cheap (CEX in UK for example) or I only get them on Steam Sales or via that CDKeys place. I'm a bit of a cheapo as you can probably tell haha. Especially with the physical copies, as long as I can get an install out of it, I'm golden! Never heard of this Green Man Gaming though @Alyxx, I've just a had look and I might add it to the list! 😄
  15. Still play it so often, especially since I mod the crap out of it on PC haha. Made it even more fun than the nostalgia factor did for me! It's the pinnacle of GTA games for me really, GTA5 is good and all but SA is the one I always gravitate back to when I think/want to play GTA in my free time. In fact, after a few more posts I might go play it now... Gotta load up my loop-de-loop in the sky mod then! 😄
  16. I'm echoing Dylan on this one really. It really does depend on the game for me. Certain games I just rely on the autosave - although I messed that up recently on Crash Bandicoot, lost a good few levels cause I hit the wrong buttons... For longer games though, such as your Fallout's, GTA's, Skyrims I certainly save any time I do anything of note or that would really annoy me if I had to do it again. It's makes me have a lot of saves generally but at least I know I can just go back if I really really want to. Especially when I need to play through those alternate endings! Far Cry 5 was a pain for that after I played it through all over again to get a different ending lol.
  17. I'm ok with both, lord knows I've got a decent sized physical library on my back wall. Lately though, which has coincided with me swapping more to PC games as I look to upgrade my rig, I've been gravitating towards digital copies more and more. It's just easier to be fair, and frees up some space for games merch on my wall instead of boxes. 🙂
  18. The Portal series really tickled me to be fair, I never thought I'd actually like the game and actually stayed away from it but when I did, I just loved it. Probably because Stephen Merchant was in Portal 2 and I'm a big fan but it just struck a chord really. GTA games always crack me up too!
  19. Hey everyone! Another newbie joining the ranks here. My name's Haze, or Martin if you prefer the ol' real names. :) Look forward to chatting with you all!
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