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  1. How's it going?

  2. I have no desire to play it because it's MP. Not a fan.
  3. ATM I only have two PS4s. My PS3 broke a few months ago. My first console was an N64 I got back in 1999 and it lasted until about 2009. Gosh, I miss Mario.
  4. Hmmm, maybe the Mass Effect universe. Minus the reapers, of course.
  5. Finishing the Suicide Mission in Mass Effect 2. That will forever be my favorite mission in any video game ever.
  6. Well, I'm married to a truck driver, and I can actually vote both, but would choose alone, if solely for my personality. I've always been an introvert whereas my husband is a bit more energetic and outgoing, and it's sometimes nice to have a quite house to myself. It does get lonely a lot though.
  7. Not that long actually. I really got into them back around 2008. The first console I owned was an N64 with Super Mario, and I played that game so much because it was the only game I had at the time. My parents just couldn't afford video game consoles, so when I finally got another game, which was Pokemon Stadium, I was overjoyed because I now had two games! I have since been lucky after getting married and finally have the opportunity to play them, although I still have a long wish list of ones I have yet to play. Sadly, I no longer have an N64, but that thing was basically my childhood.
  8. I found this site after Googling "video game forums" and decided to give it a go! So a little about me... I'm a 28 year old female from Kentucky. I actually haven't been into gaming for that long (maybe since about 2008) and my favorite games are the Uncharted series and the Mass Effect series. I also love Super Mario 64 and really wish I still had my N64. I look forward to being here!
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