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  1. I do have this attitude now and then, yeah. I don't touch most of the games I have on my Xbox because I'm usually too busy playing Stellaris or some other strategy game on my computer. I do have days where I play something else by my own will – the other day I finally got around to playing DOOM (2016) for the first time – but otherwise the only time I end up playing something else outside of my norm is when I literally can't play the games I normally play anymore, at least in the manner I want to.
  2. Mega Man 11 I beat it. I think the Wily Machine and Wily Capsule fights of this one were the easiest I’ve fought since Mega Man 10, which I beat forever ago as all three playable characters and haven’t played since.
  3. Looks for intelligence. I think. Probably. Intelligence to me seems to have more practical applications.
  4. DOOM (2016) First time playing anything in the DOOM series at all, to be quite honest. I was enticed by the soundtrack more than anything else, honestly. Particularly "Rip & Tear".
  5. BattleTech Bought the latest expansion today, decided to take some of the 'Mechs included in it for a test run during Skirmish Mode against a lance I had built prior to acquiring said expansion. I lost, but only barely; the OpFor only had my custom Warhammer WHM-6R left, and all that was left of my lance was my custom Flea FLE-15. If any of my heavier 'Mechs were still in fighting shape by the end, I feel confident I could have beaten my old lance; however, I honestly feel the odds were stacked in said old lance's favor. I'm still learning the best ways to modify 'Mechs in the game. It's not quite how it works in MechWarrior Online, and it's not even in the same ZIP code of familiarity as the MechWarrior 4 MechLabs, which I worked with for years whereas I have very little experience with MechWarrior Online's lab. 😂
  6. Text. Please. Or at least if you're gonna call, text me before doing so. 😂
  7. Yeah, I loved Toontown Online. I’d play its fan-supported version, Toontown Rewritten, even now if I properly could. Probably won’t happen for quite some time, unfortunately. I actually had quite a decent time playing ROBLOX by virtue of being very, very picky of the types of worlds I’d play in. There was this one “paintball” game I really enjoyed years ago that probably is still going today. I’d be playing it on my tablet if the iOS version had full controller support; I find it a bit odd that it doesn’t, considering ROBLOX has been available on Xbox One for quite some time now.
  8. I don't know enough about either of them or their work to say one way or the other. Um... that one pufferfish that I've heard sold in Japanese restaurants that's fatally toxic if prepared improperly, I think. I don't know. Can't really think of anything I would actively want to ban, but if I did, that would be it.
  9. Mega Man 11 Ugh... Some of my bugbears regarding the rest of the Classic series have come back to haunt me in the Wily Castle stages of this game...
  10. I don’t see why a minimalist plot would make for a bad movie. Movies don’t need complex plots to be enjoyable. In any case, I’m with Blackangel on this one. My favorite stories tend to be complex ones, but I can and do enjoy simple, minimalist ones as well.
  11. Everything I can imagine. Depending on the game, even whether or not I'm a humanoid species; maybe sometimes I wanna be a quadruped, or something else entirely!
  12. Not currently. Used to play Roblox. The Roblox of today isn't quite the Roblox I remember at least in terms of aesthetics; mostly the character animations, actually, most everything else is the same based on some videos I've seen. The community is pretty much the same as its always been, from what I can tell. Never played Club Penguin, though. I grew up on the other MMO that Disney shut down and fans revived, Toontown Online.
  13. Well, even including Mario, it wouldn’t have been one of them. I’m torn between Mega Man Zero 3 and Sonic Mania Plus. With Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove coming in close.
  14. Your game is probably out of date, then. You can update for free on the eShop. 😉
  15. Yep, that it is! You should already have it. Like Plague of Shadows is for Plague Knight and Specter of Torment is for Specter Knight, King of Cards is King Knight's campaign.
  16. Camping is the act of hiding in one relatively hard to see spot and killing any enemy that passes you. It's generally frowned on, but not a reliable long-term tactic against a team with even slightly decent game sense; might pick people off maybe once or twice, but after that, they'll have made you and all you are is a target at that point.
  17. That is correct! Although I'm pretty sure that's only the case for the Shovel of Hope campaign; the other three playable knights don't meet them.
  18. Yeah, you won't find Showdown on that version – I know that mostly because I also have that version – but we have everything else! And yes, it is an awesome game. 😄
  19. Plague of Shadows is literally just Plague Knight’s story mode. 😄 So if it’s Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove you have, you have access to all four available stories. And Shovel Knight: Showdown, depending on what platform you’re playing on.
  20. Just wait 'til you get to Plague of Shadows. 😉
  21. Those were fun fights. The Plague Knight boss fight is actually my favorite in the game.
  22. I play real-time strategy games pretty much exclusively on PC these days, but other than that particular genre, I don't really have a preference for one platform or the other.
  23. That depends on what you mean by "human nature". Biology would be if you're looking for how the human body works, I suppose. Psychology – or even better, neuroscience – would be best for if you want to see how the human brain works. Philosophy, I find, doesn't deal with human nature, per se. It's the study of knowledge itself.
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