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  1. Lee


    Yes, I guess so. Maybe the producers should of called it a day years ago whilst it was still hilarious!
  2. Oh, I think it might be better if you search for this one yourself. It's a Rob Zombie movie, so is certainly weird haha
  3. Lee

    Season tickets.

    Middlesbrough FC 🙂
  4. Downloaded the demo ready to try tomorrow!
  5. We will see. I hope they are successful but I can't see it myself.
  6. I haven't tried the remastered demo yet, I'll check it out now and report back.
  7. The original resident evil 2 is my favourite game of all time. I could pick up a copy now and immerse myself in it.
  8. I never, ever make in game purchases. My wife on the other hand.... :')
  9. Pepsi Max > Everything.
  10. Lee

    Community Chat #1

    Happy weekend everybody! It is almost time for the end of the working week here in the UK!
  11. I work in the control and automation industry. Most of these factories are largely automated these days, but you would usually need to know the QTY of each ingredient required to create the original mix. You also need to be able to adjust the height and dept of the "forming" machines. Packaging will probably be automated though.
  12. I see we have a large community from across the pond here. I'm curious if the rest of the world thinks Brexit is as farcical as we do here in the UK.
  13. Lee

    Season tickets.

    I used to have a season ticket for my local football (soccer!) team here in the UK. I gave it up this season due to work commitments. I miss it. 😞
  14. I like the styling of the console. I doubt it will take off though, too much monopolisation in this market to complete with the major players.
  15. I like "weird" horror movies. Has anyone seen House of 1000 Corpses?
  16. Lee


    It isn't a horror movie, don't be fooled in to thinking that. It is a thriller. Pretty good one too. The story line has some pretty major holes in it, but the acting is good and as ever Sandra Bullock is amazing.
  17. Lee

    Disney Remakes

    I want to see a remake of Aladdin 😄
  18. Lee


    Who hasn't loved the Simpsons at some point. 😄
  19. I use prime for next day delivery. I also use prime on occasion for TV, Sneaky Pete being one of my favourite shows available.
  20. Lee

    I'm Lee.

    Looks like I popped this in the wrong place, my apologies. Could this be moved to introductions please? Thanks for the welcome @UleTheVee
  21. Lee


    Hi Rey, nice to meet you.
  22. I thought RDR2 was overrated. Takes too long to get going and the story line wasn't as engrossing to me as the first instalment.
  23. I'm not that in to youtube content really. I feel like i've missed out on the migration to youtube. I mainly use it for watching funny videos and music content.
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