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  1. Good point! Next time I'll make sure my victi--- uh... I mean my friend goes first!
  2. ladyMxx


    Haha! No worries! I'm 35, but look in my 20's and feel in my teens, so for me, age is just a number. I was only teasing.
  3. That wouldn't help if he told the truth that I threw him at the demonic entity trying to kill us, and told it to take him instead because he would taste better.
  4. Oh that's right! I almost forgot about that! Have to add that to my list too!
  5. Aladdin, Detective Pikachu and Star Wars IX. The first 2 because they were the biggest part of my childhood and I want to see if they have done them justice, the 3rd because it's the finale and I am curious to how JJ plans to end it.
  6. ladyMxx


    Hello fellow fossil (I'm also 35)!
  7. ladyMxx


    Well I've spent a good month trying to find an active game forum, so I doubt I will just lurk.
  8. Well that would have looked bad on my resume. 🤣
  9. It honestly did feel like something was going to drop down on us from above with a machete. 😆
  10. I think it means 3rd rock from the sun aka Earth.
  11. I wouldn't call it an encounter, but I was escorting a voice actor to his hotel after his autograph signing and all 3 floors of the convention were packed with people. We rode the first escalator up and as we reached the second floor it became oddly silent. We both looked behind us and everyone was gone on both the first and second floor. We rode the next elevator up to the main area on level 3 and then like a loud crashing wave, we heard voices again, looked behind us and both floors were packed with people again. We never said a word and just kept walking.
  12. Depends. Sometimes I play games to help me blow off steam from real life situations that anger me or I can't control. Most of the time I play to escape emotional pain. I am always much calmer and more focused after I release my aggression either from playing an FPS, solving puzzles, or playing a game with relaxing music and letting it carry me away as I explore.
  13. I've always wanted to see one that took place during the mentioned nuclear winter in the lore. Would be a nice change from the constant desert-like places. Fallout 76 was an exception to that, but after so many replays of Skyrim, leafy green trees started to become repetitive.
  14. ladyMxx


    Thanks! I love all types. I got into games with Mario and Zelda, then Final Fantasy and from there I discovered Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, and recently I am into all the Fallout games, The Witcher and Red Dead Redemption 2! I also play Forza sometimes and plan to get involved in newer games this year like Kingdom Hearts III and The Outer Worlds. I am especially looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077!
  15. ladyMxx


    Hi everyone! I just joined. I'm a huge gamer. I've been gaming since I was a little girl. I play mostly RPG-type games with lots of action, but I love a good FPS or racing game too! Nice to meet you all!
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