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  1. Well, when you play for too long especially for hours in a day, there is a very good chance that you will definitely get bored of playing the particular game along the way. Such happened to me on more than one occasion, so it's really possible that it can happen to any person.
  2. I'm struggling to find a good reason why gaming should be made available for prisoners? In my book, they don't deserve to enjoy the luxury of playing games till they have completely done their time in jail.
  3. I still have my old Sega and Playstation 1 consoles but I'm not sure if I'm ever going to be willing to having them sold. I'm so much attached to my old games because of the memories I had with them.
  4. Playing games in schools lately has been a comment trend in the educational sector and with the increasing rate of mobile smartphone games, it makes it very easy for these students to get into gaming mode more often.
  5. The most important question that should be asked before considering taking up such field is whether the payment would be lucrative enough to be able to sort out all your responsibilities? If yes, then it's definitely something anyone would be interested in doing.
  6. Anachiwo


    If it's for spying purposes, I wouldn't consider it at all because it won't lead to finding anything healthy at all but rather it would expose what might literally be harmful to my family case in point (Cheating partner). But if it's for security reasons, then it's definitely going to be worth using.
  7. I hate using wire earphones or headsets with passion because the wires limit my freedom when playing video games.
  8. The issue of RAM is the reason why I don't play games using android smartphone most times because the low RAM affects the gameplay in a very bad way. Thus, it's why desktop computers or PC are best suited for playing video games as a result of its higher RAM size.
  9. When it comes to buying items online, I'm not really a fan of such buying act because I have been a victim of online scam on more than one occasion. So, buying anything online is entirely a hard decision for me to make.
  10. I'm still looking for another PC game that would be as good as Doom. I'm not saying that there aren't more good PC games but I'm looking at finding exactly what looks like Doom.
  11. It was a a result of how good the game Doom was that lead me to introduce it to one of my best friend and till date, it's among his favorite PC games.
  12. Truly, the game is revelation to how good some games can be when it comes to getting ones gaming satisfaction all rounded up and accomplished.
  13. I have come across so many games but my love for Doom is incomparable to any other classic PC games.
  14. FIFA 19 games. I'm not sure if I'm going to add another but if it happens, then it means that I have more gaming time available.
  15. I'm really not that much of a PC gamer but rather more into console gaming. I simply manage any kind of mouse I come across whenever I had to play with PC. My advice for you would be to go to game store where you are supposed to buy the mouse and ask the store keeper for the best one within your budget.
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