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  1. The only Glitch I've used is to put on the infinite lives in Super Mario
  2. You have to keep servers for something, this game has been around for so long :O I do not know if I should write something more, if you were looking at Google, you already know a lot. But if you wanted to learn to play EVE - it will take a long time. While I was playing for two years, I was still learning new things. It's a very complicated game
  3. Regov


    ARPG Hack N Slash like PoE or Boardgames like Gloomhaven
  4. Digitally When me and my friends are sure to play together. That was my beginning with PUBG, Path of Exile (f2p) and unfortunelly Escape from Tarkov
  5. EVE Online is the best space game of all time! In my opinion, much better than Elite Danngerous. the game is probably over 10 years old, still has support, is developed and in my opinion EVE has the most intelligent community. EVE Online is a champion in its field. I love everything, tactics, community, EVE isk and plex. recommend
  6. Escape from Tarkov, someone want to buy?
  7. World of Warcraft is still on frist place, something around 7 mln players. PUBG Apex ESO
  8. Unfortunately, political correctness is already beginning to devour the children of their own revolution. Since they bought the game, they have the right to do whatever they want with it. I will try to not buy their products for this.
  9. These people do not know what honor is. They will not know where the money went. I currently play ESO and Fo76 (both games from Bethesda Studio) and I'm disappointed with Fo76 as hell. Todd Howard is the worst beta male I've seen in recent times. I would not like to talk to him or stand beside him, I would not trust him for $ 2 and I think his words are worthless. Did I write that I play in FO76? Very rarely and only to sometimes sell a weapon or other item on Reddit. I will not buy any games from Bethesda.
  10. I've played from six and all is great with me. But ym games was different, it wasn't stupid mobile game for people without ambitions. GTA 2, Fallout 1 and FO2 When I was 8, Heroes of Might and Magic III. My daughter will w8 for better games, or for 6. She's 3yo now and I hate when I see my daughter's mother playing her TV and gives her smartphone to play games :/
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