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  1. In GTA Online, I prefer races and heists. They have a grind-y feel though after a few years.
  2. I mean... they're dead, are they not? Do they even need to eat?
  3. I recently interviewed an AI Programmer who worked on Spec Ops: The Line for a feature I was doing for another large outlet and I will say that the work they put into that game sounds breathtaking and they told me about the liberties they had to take in order to make that ending what it was. The gameplay, mechanics and world all shape together so well that it was really a huge underdog years ago.
  4. The MSRP/RRP for GTA 5 has lowered to $29.99 on Steam so go check it out! I'm writing an article on this right now if you want more information.
  5. I'm not a fan of playing Fortnite on my own. Almost all of my Fortnite sessions are with my friends while drinking at 3am, but I guess that could make any game fun as hell to play. I do understand Fortnite's popularity, however. It has mass appeal. Fortnite is aimed at 12+, the demographic which of course has the most free time to spend on gaming addictions, and the most money to spend on microtransactions (no bills to pay and all the pocket money in the world). Of course, the rise of streaming has almost exactly paralleled the rise of Fortnite. Those such as Myth, Ninja and other large streamers have created an audience for Fortnite larger than any other title right now. Word of mouth has clearly been a huge factor too - Drake even played it, and you know how popular he is. I could elaborate more on what I think has also contributed to Fortnite's success, such as its very frequent updates, availability on all platforms, and joining the Battle Royale genre at the perfect time, but this post would be too long.
  6. Almost definitely Shovel Knight. That game is a masterpiece.
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