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As it is above / so it is below
As moon is to sun / the two become one
On the surface / and on purpose
A war on reason / waged in treason
Half demented / false recollected
A fictitious past / is resurrected
Satan we’ve grown
Cruel / benevolent
The infidel hierophant
The truth / the liar
The frozen and the fire
The loved / the hated
The words all left unstated
Atop / and under
The silence and the thunder
The ugly / the beautiful
The two sides of the spectacle
The wolves / are as the sheep
The dreamer is not asleep
Stationary radical / human animal
An open minded zealot
Grotesque angelic
The gain that comes from a loss
Order and chaos
A lawless moral order
Healing a murder
A feast best left uneaten
Flawless yet beaten
Alone becoming one of us
Witless genius

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