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The Blackangel

Texas Republicans Don't Want Kids Taught That The KKK Is Bad

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I didn't know Texas has such a huge influence on what is written in textbooks for the whole country and that the wording they use when teaching about slavery refers to slaves as 'workers' and the slave trade 'immigration.' So this new bill from Texas is extremely disturbing. We are seriously facing fascist governments embracing white supremacy and indoctrinating our schools. Republicans are neo nazis. In 2020 the New York Times published an analysis of history taught in 2 opposite states-California and Texas. You need to register for NYT to read it, but here is another link about Texas and textbooks. 


But this new bill is an abomination and no republican I bet will ever be able to justify it without sounding like a straight up nazi. I dare you to try you nazis. This bill you can no longer discuss women suffrage, kkk and how it's morally wrong; MLK JR; voting rights acts; 13th 14th 15th 19th and 26th amendments to the constitution. You can't talk about amendments to the U.S. constitution? Hmmm. Also can't discuss Native American history; chicano history; emancipation proclamation; civil rights; labor movement. 


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We all know damn well that they'll try to use some kind of bullshit linguistic tactic with fancy semantics to both confuse and deflect the ones wanting an explanation, while not explaining a damn thing. They think they're slick enough to plant the seed without the ground knowing. Well here's hoping they start having their meetings in a forest made up of nothing but Manchineel trees.

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