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New chapter of Fortnite looks quite interesting

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For those wondering, the recent season of Fortnite just ended and we're heading into Chapter 3 season 1 next. In a new change, the map of Fortnite has literally flipped upside down, and now we're graced with a brand new map. But that's not all, as the new chapter deals have leaked showing what new additions the game will have. Epic Games accidentally released the new trailer in Poland, and you can watch what's to come below. 


The cool additions are that you can get Spider-Man through the battle pass, there are tornadoes, lightning that can strike the ground and possible players, a new sliding mechanic, and it looks like you can traverse like Spider-Man. That doesn't seem to be all though, as The Rock was revealed in the recent event, so he may be a skin in the battle pass. 

But yeah, some really fun additions if you're a fan of the game. 

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Honestly when the game first came out. I thought that mechanic was gonna turn everybody off, I did not realize how out touch i am now since every kid loves minecraft and that translated wonderfully for them. Not intersted anyway, It's dying 

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