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Nintendo loses German court case regarding digital pre-order cancellation policy

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It looks like Nintendo was recently brought to court because of their refund policy for pre-orders. I guess originally there was no way to refund a digital game from their eshop, and people in Germany sued Nintendo for it. They lost the original case against Nintendo, but the case was overturned. After Nintendo won the case, they ended up changing their refund policy anyway, to where you can get a refund on pre-orders as long as it's 7 days before the release. 

But, that's why the case was later overturned, because the courts had a disagreement about putting money on something, and it being pre-loaded and not being able to play the game yet. 

Read more on this story here - https://gbatemp.net/threads/nintendo-loses-german-court-case-regarding-digital-pre-order-cancellation-policy.604192/#post-9683965

What do you think about this? I kinda wish Nintendo would put out a refund policy like what Steam has. I can't imagine they have one like that. But I could be wrong. I don't own a Switch at the moment, so I couldn't say. Please do correct me if I'm wrong though. 

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It's good to hear that they have changed it up in the end. Not being able to refund a pre-order before the game had even been released would have been awful. I think it should be up to the launch of the game though and not just 7 days before the release date.

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