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  1. I do not. Other than probably turning my console/controllers off and on or resetting them, I wouldn't be able to complete any repairs on them. If I did ever have a problem, I would always make sure to get in touch with the retailer I bought it from and let them repair it for me.
  2. I think we all do, don't we. The biggest problem is that we just tend to be a bit stingy at the start because we don't know if a particular resource is going to be hard to come across or not. And then you get the games that make it hard at the start but then start giving you way too much nearer the end of the game. GTA is a good example with the in-game currency.
  3. Cyberpunk has to be the best example of this right? The game was an absolute mess at launch but even if we ignored the bugs, it just wasn't good enough because so many promising features were removed because they either didn't want to do it or didn't have enough time to do so. The fact it didn't even have a metro/train system was just crazy really.
  4. I'm sure there are loads of them out there although there doesn't seem to be any mainstream or triple AAA titles out there set around COVID. I found this one on Steam although it just seems to be like Plague Inc. - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1287000/COVID_The_Outbreak/. Plague Inc. would definitely be the better game if you are looking to get one.
  5. Unfortunately, nothing comes close to the current Grand Theft Auto world really. Even Red Dead Redemption which was amazing just isn't the same. And obviously thats why even Rockstar is still focusing on GTA V and not even adding much for Red Dead Redemption 2. Some competitors for GTA would be good though although I doubt it will ever be able to compete properly.
  6. Yeah but that's the fun bit about having them in racing games. It shouldn't always be about sports and super cars. Sometimes a slower race with slower cars can be fun as well and gives you a bit of variety in a racing game.
  7. Whilst what you said in relation to video editing and making videos look good is important for YouTube, the niche that your friend wants to get into is not one where that matters too much. Most people that want to see model trains don't want fancy transitions or effects, they just want to see the trains.
  8. The voice acting really does make it sound like Spongebob. I love the style and although I've never bothered to try out the game, I'll definitely watch it just to see what it is like. Maybe I'll like it and then want to play the game too.
  9. Ford and Volkswagen aren't too bad actually. I'm not sure why but most racing games tend to have a lot of their cars. Like the Ford Focus and the VW Golf are always in racing games. Toyota, Vauxhall, Mini, Kia, all would be great to have in a game.
  10. More Among Us on the Series X. Just discovered that it seems a few of the achievements are bugged because I haven't earned one for my first kill which is a shame. I've done that multiple times in the game but it just won't pop up.
  11. I really want to see more "normal" cars in racing games. Forza Horizon would be amazing if we had a larger collection of normal cars that aren't just sports and super cars. I mean, it's amazing being able to drive some of these really expensive, luxurious cars, but it's even better if we could just drive a normal Honda or even a Volvo.
  12. I think it was more of a case of Vanguard not being as good as the previous two COD games. Both Modern Warfare and Cold War were pretty good so when Vanguard was disappointing, people just returned to one of those two titles. Hopefully they will work on this one and make sure it's released in a good state.
  13. Pretty big news and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of it. Makes sense for them and I'm sure they got a good deal out of it thanks to the recent controversies. Looking forward to the addition of some of their games to the Xbox Game Pass now.
  14. Going a bit off-topic but the I.T Crowd would be even worse as a game. There's just nothing there in the show that you could make a game of really. At least with this one, it has a large enough cast and premise to create a game out of it. Not an amazing idea but I'm sure fans of the show will like being able to slowly upgrade their own "office".
  15. I saw an ad for it on Reddit last night and checked it out on the Play Store. It says pre-register but when I checked it on my phone just now, I am able to install it (in the UK). Not sure if they have a staggered release date for the rest of the world. The reviews are not good so far and a lot of people are complaining about the ads in the game.
  16. I'm guessing this is just a move to increase the size of their portfolio and company size. It will be interesting to see if anything else comes out of it especially related to the other game titles that Take-Two owns. I can't see them changing their priorities and pushing more for mobile games since Rockstar does amazingly with their console games.
  17. Both Call of Duty and Battlefield (not listed but should be) need a massive reset. The latest releases for both franchises just haven't hit the mark especially Battlefield which was a mess at launch and still is. Battlefield used to be such a great series that it's sad to see what's happened to it. I really do hope this current mess is sorted out before the next title is released
  18. Looking forward to seeing what it is like. I have never watched South Park but I really liked watching a YouTuber play the games based on it. It's a really good game to watch someone else play it. It's just not my type of game to actually play.
  19. Yeah, it's honestly amazing. I never really cared about it before but the moment I tried it out, I just fell in love. It's awesome that you can just try a lot of different games thanks to it. I really do hope Sony brings out something similar because PS Now is awful compared to it.
  20. Horizon Forbidden West is what I was going to mention as well. The first game was absolutely beautiful and it looks like the developers have done another amazing job with the new one. I can't wait to watch some playthroughs especially of the underwater gameplay.
  21. F1 2020 through the Xbox Game Pass. Been playing it ever since I became interested in Formula 1 and I have to say, it's a lot of fun. I've been slowly taking off a lot of the assists to make it a more enjoyable experience. Can't wait for the next F1 title to be made available on the Game Pass.
  22. I recently went back to the older GTA titles now that they have been remastered. I only tried out Vice City and GTA 3 before but had never played San Andreas properly. It was nice being able to play the story now that the modern controls have been implemented for the game, it's a lot easier to enjoy.
  23. I would be happy with it as well. Since the PS5 is my main console, having the Game Pass for the Xbox is just amazing because it means I don't have to waste money buying games. Just paying a subscription fee and being able to try out a lot of different games is just amazing.
  24. There are some developers that I'm careful around because I know the quality of their previous games. Ubisoft is a pretty good example. I'll never ever pre-order or buy one of their games at launch because they're usually a mess. Plus, most of their games tend to drop in price massively in just a few months.
  25. Evening everyone. I always hate Mondays but today wasn't as bad. The good thing is that we're already at the end of the day so we're one day closer to the weekend. I really should be getting ready for some Uni exams too but that might have to be delayed for a few more days whilst I just relax.
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