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The Switch Is On Track To Become Nintendo's Most Popular Home Console Ever

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Makes sense, the Switch has sold out like hotcakes since it released back in 2017. And it's on track to becoming the most popular home console from Nintendo yet. You thought the Wii was it's best seller, nope, it looks like the Switch could become Nintendo's best console ever, if not already. According to the article below, it is estimated that 100.72 million units over its lifetime were sold. And that means it's now part of the 100 million team, as they are the only other company to have a console sell for over 100 million, those being PS1, PS2, PS4, and Nintendo Wii. 

The Wii is in the lead with 101.53 million units sold. I'm willing to bet they will break that record with ease, as this console is still a top seller on the market today. 

Read more on this here - https://www.thegamer.com/nintendo-switch-100-million-units/

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I am surprised that each year the console seems to get new demand and that is kind of slowly helping the developers and ecosystem in general. I assume this means many portable devices with ability to have playable games has some future. 

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Being a Nintendo Switch owner and a gamer, I can very well agree with you on this because the platform have been somewhat successful and great with so many games to play on it. 

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