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Nintendo's consoles vs. Nintendo's handhelds.

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On 8/5/2022 at 8:49 PM, Kane99 said:

It's weird that one day we may never have a gameboy/DS style console again, since Nintendo have their hybrid console going. I think that will be the future of Nintendo. Just newer versions of the switch with updated hardware and specs. 

Honestly, it's kinda sad to see the Gameboy brand just die out. I mean, it kinda died when DS came out, but it's weird to think that we won't have those handhelds anymore. 

But, with the Switch, it's essentially two devices in one. Plus, they're probably making bank on having just one device on the market. 

The Gameboy style is now in the past. The company knows what they are doing with Switch and won't want to stop at this point. I would have loved a better upgrade of the Gameboy/DS version, but it is obvious it is not to be.

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