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Resident Evil 4 (Remake) [OT]

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2 hours ago, Shagger said:


Even with all these re-makes, Capcom are still putting out new Resident Evil games as a respectable pace and they're quality games, so I don't really see the problem.

It's not a huge issue for me - as I said previously, I'll still enjoy the game because I know it'll be quality. A few complaints I have are the remakes seem to coming out on a yearly basis when they could put out some DLCs for the more recent games. One or DLCs and then that's it for the new games whereas RE 2 remake got something like 3-4 DLCs. In addition to that, as great as the remakes are (and I love playing all of them), they tend gloss over certain unexplored plot points that existed in the original game that'll still go unexplored and only a few of them are ever explored briefly in the remake DLCs. I guess I just want the remakes to at least explore some of the overlooked plot points in RE lore - not just be a straight copy and paste of the original story.

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Trailer looked good. I hope they get rid of the QTEs that plagued the original, and make Ashley useful. I don't want her to be some sort of badass or anything, just give her a small revolver so she can shoot Ganados in the knees so she isn't dead weight.

Mostly I just want them to get this one out of the way so they can remake Code Veronica X.

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