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Hey everyone. I'm Terry from England. 

I've been browsing this forum for a while and finally decided to join so I could join in with the activity. It's nice to see a forum that is so popular. I much prefer using forums than discord and other messaging apps.

I own a Nintendo Switch that I share with my wife, we mainly play kiddy games due to having a two year old at home. Mostly Lego games and Mario Kart. I also own a laptop that I sometimes game on but it doesn't have the best specs so I can't play any newer games.

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As @Shagger said, if you have any questions, all you have to do is ask a staff member.


You sound like you have a good situation at home. Making sure you have family friendly games due tot he age of your child, is a good course of action. If you want something more adult oriented, you could buy a cartridge and just keep it where you child won't find it. That is unless your interests stick mainly to, as you put it, "kiddie games".

The forum is well educated on the gaming industry, so you should be able to find answers to most everything. Everyone here has their specialty. Personally speaking, I'm viewed as our classic gaming expert. So if you want anything from Atari 2600 era to PS5 era, there is someone who can answer your questions.


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