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In BioShock Infinite BAS, how was (spoiler) still existing?

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*********SPOILERS BELOW for BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea**************






How was there still a Comstock existing in BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea? Everyone says, “He escaped deletion because he was in Rapture,” but this makes zero sense to me. If he was at the baptism, he got deleted at the baptism. I conclude that he was not at the baptism, and became Comstock via other events.

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Interesting but I feel rapture and deletion happened almost simultaneously if Comstock was in rapture then that could the only worthy explanation as to why he escaped deletion and existing in BioShock: burial at sea.

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True but I think that was mainly because of Bookers protectiveness/ she lost the nerve in the moment.

We see earlier Elizabeth asks Booker to help her kill Comstock, and Booker says he won’t help, because he’ll do it for her so she doesn’t have too. And even though she doesn’t do it directly she still wants to go on and destroy every other version of him.

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