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Top 5 "must do" things on VGR

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1. I will mention in my article that VGR is a good community where you can get many of your game related questions answered or discussed about.

2. It's moderators are always on the watch to put you on the right track incase you derial or experience a difficulty.

3. Members of VGR as game lovers as yourself and are always willing to interact with you and give you a piece of their own thoughts incase you need some clarity about a video game.

4. At VGR you can loosen up and let others know about your Gaming Passions without been judged.

I think these are my top four other points would come in between what I mentioned.

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1) All aspects of gaming are in discussion here, which means that there is no shortage of knowledge.

2) The forum is well organized, and easy to search.

3) It's a very laid back atmosphere. You can poke fun at each other and no one takes it to heart.

4) It's a very welcoming place unlike many other forums.

5) Unlike other forums, the owner offers auctions to win prizes.

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