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Seen as polite in your country, but...

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9 hours ago, Shagger said:

Just because something was tolerated in the past, doesn't mean it was ever right. Most of us are probably aware of how racist some of Disney's early films were, like the crows from Dumbo for example. It's the same with this. Nobody speaking up about it is not a sign that something is morally sound.

I wasn’t trying to imply that, I was siding with you, I was probably just piss poor at explaining it. I was implying that back then it was usually that one person complaining, so people blew it off. Over time after people get educated on it, you start seeing more and more people condemning it.

A lot of detractors tend to act like people woke up one morning and said “today, this word is now offensive”, as opposed to it being a gradual thing.

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Over here It's polite to help your bosses lift their bags or give them accolades even though it's not your job or they didn't request you to do that for them.

A friend of mine who travelled out of the country said his boss queried him for always trying to help him with his bag or constantly greeting him and asked him if was employed to be a cheerleader or something like that.

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