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A new Starship Troopers video game?

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Looks like Starship Troopers is getting a new game from the team at Offworld Industries, and this time it may turn out to be good. I think there's only one Starship Troopers game, that came out back in 2005, and fans weren't really all that into it. This game is being made by the studio behind a game called Squad, which is like a tactical first person shooter. So fans seem to be excited about this, as they can see them making a quality game. I can't say as I never played Squad, but the reviews paint it as a really good game from what I can see on steam. 

Anyway, this should be great news to fans and anyone else who is into the Starship Troopers world. And or first person shooters. 

Read more about this here: https://www.polygon.com/23481844/starship-troopers-fps-extermination-release-date-offworld-industries

And there's a trailer: 



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This better not be limited to only 4 players in a party. Four troopers in an open field against a swarm of bugs is basically certain death. If they want to really capture the vibes from the films, this should be a large group PvE coops experience. I'd love to play with all of my friends in one session.

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That looks good and i wasn't expecting it to be that unpredictable, at this point I just want to see in totality what the video game is like.

I haven't played the first starship troopers and squad games either, but I might just get into it with this new release.

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