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How long will Sony release games for the PS4?

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The most recent God of War game released on PS4 alongside the PS5, and I was wondering how much longer Sony will keep releasing their exclusives to the PS4. Do you think eventually they will stop and just focus on the PS5? I'm all for them releasing them on the PS4, because I'm sure a lot of their games could still play on the PS4 I imagine the best version is the PS5 one, but I imagine they did a good enough job getting the PS4 version to work. 

I think this graphical jump isn't as big as we thought either, so I think that's why the PS4 is still getting a lot of these games yet. But I think at some point, the PS4 will be left out of the mix for new releases. Though I imagine smaller games wills till release for the console. 

Anyway, what do you think about this? Will Sony continue to release games for the PS4? 

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Weird to see that the PS4 has been out that long. 2023/2024 sounds like a real possibility. I can't see their focus sticking to the PS4 for long. I think Xbox has dropped the Xbox One when it comes to games. Though I think there are some indie and smaller titles still releasing for both consoles. Maybe I can finally afford to get myself a cheap PS4. :D 

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