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The future of technology and its impact on society

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The future of technology is difficult to predict with certainty, but it is likely that it will continue to have a significant impact on society. Technology has the potential to bring about significant changes in many aspects of our lives, including how we communicate, work, and live.

What are some positive or negative impacts you can think of?

Increased automation: As technology advances, it is likely that more tasks will be automated, leading to changes in the job market and the need for workers to adapt and learn new skills.


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I have to agree with Killamch89. Technology will continue to progress and I can't imagine what state technology will be in in say 5 years time but I can more than likely imagine that it will make the users of the technology more of a slave to it. We are already pretty much a slave to technology how it is now so with technology getting better and giving us more ways to do stuff using the technology, it will only make people use it more and more. 

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Kind of reminds me of Wall-E movie where everyone becomes completely dependent on technology making our bodies genetically decline. No more swinging axes, we now shoot guns. No more jumping out of a plane into enemy territory when we got drones. No more cleaning when you got mini robots to clean. No more cooking when you got your gourmet ration. No more pears because the seeds lost genetic variance. No more physical socialization when every piece of electronic is attached to your social media, even your mirror has messages while you brush teeth. No more concern for regulating heavy metals and carcinogens in food and environment when you can replace your organs and nerves. Our bodies will develop to look more and more alien as we get oversized heads and smaller bodies from immobility and our skin turns gray from never going into the sun. Plus, with everything unregulated including radiation, our population will have a bunch of strange birth defects making humans look like monsters. Your currency will be based on what metal is in demand for technology. Love will be with a perfect machine. Let's not forget that humans are parasites and every new technology brings us closer to destroying everything. 

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