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Do you always play a certain video game during Halloween?

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Halloween is slowly creeping up. Many people tend to gear themselves up to play horror games for Halloween and some have a specific one they like to play when the day comes around. 

When it comes to Halloween, what game do you like to play during it? 

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It never really works out for me to play a scary game on Halloween. I have Outlast 2 I've been meaning to play. I know it's gonna be sick and probably get chased by a luny. I'm just not hyped about games where I am chased, like Resident Evil games. Oh, but RE 7 is an exception. Chase me mother fucker. lol. Anyways. But I have to be really into it now to play that style horror. I prefer trippy stuff like Evil Within. I like having moments to absorb, soak in the horror at my own pace, room to room, scene to scene. Bodies laid out before you, beautiful horror you can stare at instead of getting rushed. I want to stare at the dead corpse. Don't rush me away. Seduce me with scenes of death. Don't make me run away from the beauty. The art of limbs hanging, blood dripping, your own face in the mirror. Grinning. Raising a human arm to eat.While you stare at yourself in the mirror. Eating it raw. Blood all over your mouth. Your friend calls. All you can muster to say is, meat me at 666 street. 

I don't really have a game in mind this Halloween. Outlast 2 would probably be the scariest game I have. But I also have Oculus and Exorcist is so scary to me. Actually, that is what I will play for Halloween. 

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