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Lenovo Legion Go worth it over the Steamdeck?

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I've been hearing a lot of talk about the Lenovo Legion Go, a new PC style handheld similar to the Steamdeck. It looks like Lenovo's attempt at the mobile market. For $699.99 it better be a damn good handheld system. Would this handheld be a pickup for you if you had the money? I think the Steamdeck is still more affordable correct? The Steamdeck oled starts at $549, but that's likely with the base model. 

If you had to pick one or the other, which one would you pick? Personally I think the Steamdeck is better, at least for me. But honestly I'd take whatever I can get haha. Check out the review from Videogamer below: 


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I would actually have this over a Steam Deck. Better performance, better support for PC game platforms other than Steam and only slightly more expensive the most expensive version of the Steam Deck and can only compare this the most Expensive steam Deck given the features. The most expensive version of the Steam Deck does does have 1TB of storage, whereas one will to pay an extra $50 to get the same on the Lenovo Legion Go and is only available in the US and that is disappointing.


Right now, I still think the ASUS ROG Ally is probably the best PC Gaming handled right now. It has the same APU as the Lenovo Legion Go, but is significantly cheaper.

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