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Florida Joker wants to sue Rockstar for his likeness in trailer

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If you watched the recent trailer to GTA VI, you'll notice one of the characters in the trailer looks like a Joker copycat. The man is technically real and he goes by Florida Joker or Miami Joker. He intends to sue Rockstar for using his likeness in the recent trailer. He clearly has no foot to stand on in this case, as Rockstar can simply say it's parody and move on. Plus with the lawyers and money behind them, this guy has no chance of winning a case against him. He wants at least $2M, and we know that's not going to happen. Remember when Lindsey Lohan tried to sue Rockstar for a similar reason, that didn't end up going anywhere, this won't either. 


Even Arthur Morgan voice actor Roger Clark commented on the story and said this guy is not going to get paid, and said he should instead use this new found notoriety and capitalize off of it. - https://brobible.com/culture/article/red-dead-redemption-2-star-responds-florida-joker-gta-vi-demands/

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I feel at this point they will try and jump at anything to get money out of the top companies and Rockstar as we know is a very big company.

More than likely believes he will win the case and end up rich but he will as you say, end up disappointed. 

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Roger Clark is right, and as usual, his wit made me laugh.
"You ain't getting a job at Home Depot with that face"

But when you look at the pictures, there is more than a resemblance. Rockstar literally put his mugshot in the trailer. I mean just look:



It's pretty hard to not see that it's the exact same image, and that it actually IS him. In my opinion he should be compensated. But at the same time, everyone with eyes and a brain knows he won't be.

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I think it's hilarious that they used his mugshot in the trailer. Should he get a little bit of compensation? Nah, mugshots are uploaded into the public domain and are free to use until you request that it gets removed from the public domain. If he didn't want his photo out there for people to use, he should have requested to get it removed from the public domain.

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