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What's your gaming resolutions for the new year?

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2024 is nearly upon us. What are your video game resolutions for the year? Do you plan to play more games this year? Slow down on gaming? Maybe jump into your back catalog of games? Maybe you're going to re-visit a classic. Maybe you'll start to collect more games for certain consoles. For me, I think I might start to do more emulation, revisit some classics on the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube. I've been seeing some awesome things with emulation and upgrading retro games as of late, so I think I might go that direction when emulating games again. 

What are your gaming resolutions for the new year? 

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Last year was a low year on gaming for me. I was busy chasing the bag (money), which I eventually didn’t get enough of. This made me miss out on amazing releases especially Baldur Gate. 
I plan to immerse myself more in gaming this year. 

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