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Will those fake consoles become collectible one day?

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Gaming collectors will collect just about anything to do with gaming these days. Are people going to start collecting the fake gaming consoles as well? Like those knock-off ones you can buy on AliExpress or wish, where it's just a bunch of ROMs on shitty hardware trying to replicate what a raspberry pi device does. It often includes a really cheap controller, oftentimes not even being the right controller for the console design. I know bootleg games have become popular among gaming collectors, so it made me wonder if those fake consoles would become collectible one day. 

I'm sure there are people who already collect these devices. But would you? I think I'd only collect the ones that look like mini consoles, as I think some of them would look good on a shelf. But if I want a better experience, I'd just go the raspberry pi route with my retro games. 

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I don't think most of them will become collectibles, they're mass produced these days. Now older bootleg consoles like the Super Joy III are getting difficult to find, I wish I kept my Super Joy III. It was harder to sell bootlegs back in the day, but now since Temu, Wish, and Aliexpress exist there's always people selling these bootlegs on those platforms.

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