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Anyone own those TV/Console combos?

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Does anyone here own the TV with an NES console built in? I guess there was a tv made by Sharp in late 1989 that included a built in NES console. You can see an images of the TV/Console hybrid below. I know some YouTubers covered it in the past. But were there other consoles that were built into TVs? I think the PS2 had a HDTV combo that came out at some point, but that's the only other one I am aware of. Do you own any of these types of tvs? I wish I did, because they are hard to find these days and they are likely to be expensive. 


You can learn more about this tv/console hybrid here - https://nes.fandom.com/wiki/Television_With_Built-In_NES

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On 2/3/2024 at 12:08 PM, The Blackangel said:

I never even heard of these. I know there are TV/VCR combos. I actually have one in my bedroom as we speak. But a TV/console combo is something I never knew existed.

Me neither. These must have cost quite a bit back in the day given how much consoles and TVs used to go for. Another thing I've noticed is the portability aspect is practically non existent. In those days, most adults didn't play videogames as much so imagine teens/kids having to carry that around.

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