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Did you own The Ouya?

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Did anyone here pick up the Ouya back when the original Kickstarter happened back in 2012? I never owned one myself, but was interested when it first was released. The controller looks fairly decent, but I heard it wasn't that good of a controller and was said to be poorly made. As well, the Ouya console itself was a glorified android box, most phones of the time could do what it did, and phones to release soon after would already surpass its power. Eventually the company dissolved or closed down, I forget. And now you can probably find these little consoles for cheap all over eBay these days. 

Do you thin it's worth it for an android gaming device? Or is it too dated to work these days? I figure you could probably easily do some emulation on it too. 

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I remembered that this thing was getting all kinds of media attention back in the 2010s but I always thought it was a glorified Android device and I was correct. I'm glad it failed quite frankly.

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