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Anyone using fb.gg?

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I'm neutral on FB Gaming as I have never used it before. My initial opinion,  I don't think Facebook is right for gaming. Facebook is more used as a social media platform and connecting people all in one place from all over the world. If you want to stream, choose a streaming website as your more likely to gain more views as the platform is more popular: youtube or twitch.tv. 

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I have heard of Facebook Gaming but haven't tried it if I am honest. I opted for Mixer myself to live stream and I am happy with where I am now and wouldn't dream of moving over to any other platform to stream. Facebook I feel is more of a social place rather than a gaming streaming place and as much as it may be popular for some, I feel a site such as Mixer or Twitch with the main focus being streaming and a community behind streaming is a lot better than Facebook which seems to just have everything thrown in.

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