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Katri Marcell

What snacks to you grab for a gaming night?

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3 hours ago, Alyxx said:

We still make it in Norway, though here it's called Urge but it's the same soda.

It's similar to Mountain Dew. More of a caffeinated soft citrus drink really. It actually started out for the Scandinavian market under the name Urge and was brought to the states as Surge (since Urge was considered too suggestive). It was eventually phased out in all territories save for Norway where it's still being sold after a successfull campaign brought it back.

You guys are so lucky

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6 minutes ago, kingpotato said:

Yes bro, its like Slurp from Futurama or Mountain dew, hard to find in our country sadly.
Oh hahah and yes all hail Samsclub/Costco for Mountain dew its good that they have many American products.

I will get my stupid membership if it means I drink more Mountain Dew

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7 hours ago, xXInfectedXx said:

I have been reading through the replies and the majority of users have snacks for a gaming night. How do you clean your hands and equipment, wet wipes, box of tissues or another method of cleaning? Personally, I don't consider food stickiness, or greasiness stains to be wear and tear which is the usual. I would think of it as negligence to the gaming electronics  

There are paper towels for that. The non-sticky ones like Skittles you can eat and just wipe your hands. For things like Doritos and pizza, you have to get up and wash your hands.

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