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Side Quests

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A lot of games, online or offline, tend to have side quests that are bit more fun and more relaxing especially after spending a lot of time on the main missions. Do you tend to complete all the side quests in the game? Or do you not care for them and only complete them if there are achievements for them? For me, it depends on the game. For games from Rockstar, I tend to only do side quests if I'm bored and once I'm finished the main game. 

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I like the side quests too. In fact I like the tangent choices in game which changes the outcome of the game. Those type of the games definitely make sense for the side quests and effective gaming experience. I think the resident evil remake with side question of survivors of the racoon city was good as well. I don't know if we have to consider it as update or the mod or the side quest. 

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