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  1. I wouldn't recommend jailbreaking your phone. I think it didn't require that. If i find it again, ill share it with you!
  2. Controller. Much easy to use and navigate! Boy I remember when I used to leave school early just to play this 😄
  3. JoyFreak


    Anyone play this still? What Nintendo version are you using and what Pokemon version are you playing?
  4. JoyFreak

    World of Warcraft?

    I haven't played the game in years but at lot has become mainstream and that has putt me off!
  5. One of my friends recommended a Pokemon emulator on the iOS. Seems bit difficult to play as I prefer the DS. I remember the free gaming emulators for the GameBoy. Man, those days were amazing 😄
  6. Omg.. I will never forget when I paid for the BO3 DLC's individually. I spent more without the pass and all the DLC's were shit! I learnt my lesson 😄
  7. I don't recall downloading a gaming youtube video but I have used online services to download music or music videos off youtube. Do not see the point in gaming as you can just stream it online.
  8. I game on my bed, in my room. I have a 32 HD inch tv screen with dolby surround system, perfect for gaming!!!!
  9. I used to sit play Rocket League endlessly and the time used to fly super quick! I would play match after match and eventually it was time for bed! Crazy!
  10. Watched the trailer and my god, it looks amazing! I am so looking forward to it!!!
  11. I would probably spend it on an XBOX as I do not have one and a few XBOX games. Probably Elder Scrolls Online!
  12. I've dropped my PS4 controller so many times and I am surprised it hasn't broke or stopped working. The only thing is the R3 toggle sometimes gets stuck but thats about it.
  13. Yeah, love the RL community. Such a fun and addictive game! what are all your ranks?
  14. I had an AMD and boy my computer was super slow! I now use an intel on my HP Omen laptop and it is super fast. Frickin love the thing!
  15. I voted windows simply because I have been using this OS since I got my hands on one and I cannot see myself using anything else!
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